Going Pro

Going Pro

Poker Strategy, March 28, 2011,

Dare you live the dream of getting paid to play poker?

November Nine to meet again in February

Poker News, January 22, 2011,

The Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge will reunite the most recent WSOP “November Nine”.

Does it Benefit Me to be a Specialist or Should I Learn All the Games?

Poker Tips, July 28, 2009,

If you are just looking to take down your local game, you are probably better off just playing hold’em and becoming an expert.

How Strong Can You Play a Small Flush?

The board hit all diamonds and the smaller flush led out and ended up getting his whole stack in with the second best.

How to Beat a Maniac

The Maniac, July 16, 2009,

The Maniac plays exactly as the name describes. He is crazy, wild, and shows no regard for typical poker theory.

How to Deal with a Bad Player When They Beat You on a Suckout

Poker Strategy, July 10, 2009,

Many players will let out a rant and inform the donkey of how idiotic their play was and then state exactly why it was a bad play.

Ladbrokes Poker Review

Ladbrokes Poker Review

Ladbrokes are the oldest and the most prestigious gambling providers with a rich history that goes down to 1887, when they started off with horse race betting. With more than a century of experience the world-renowned company has opened its doors to online gambling as well.

Reading tells in online poker

Poker Strategy, June 24, 2009,

As the popularity of the online game increases, more and more people are staying at home.

Virgin Poker

Virgin Poker

This is another of Virgin’s great ventures, which has turned out to be the best online poker gaming sites. Its exceptional quality information on poker playing techniques along with many other benefits has made it such a frequented website.

A Mathematician Player

Texas Holdem, October 24, 2008,

Excellent article on calculating the poker hand percentage and Poker odds.