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Posted by Dan in Razz Poker on October 19, 2008

A variation of only 7 card stud poker that is played for low, Razz Poker is can be thought of as playing stud in reverse.

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Tila Tequila

The worst hand wins, which means straights and flushes do not count against your hand as well and in Razz, aces are constantly low. A pair of aces is actually lower than a pair of deuces as a matter of fact. Suits are unrelated because the card rank is the only thing that matters in razz. The best hand in Razz is an A-2-3-4-5, or the wheel not like stud eight or better, there is no qualifier in razz Poker. If someone holds A-2-3-6-6 and you hold 4-4-8-7-5, then you win.

Stud eight different than other stud game because there are a couple of rule changes in regards to betting like the highest card showing on Third Street is the bring-in and the lowest showing hand opens the betting from fourth through Seventh Street or else the game is dealt as a usual stud game

Begin with a very tight strategy in regards to playing razz as a beginning player. Start with three cards eight and lower. Hands that include an ace and a deuce or a three are preferred. Abandon the hand, especially if the door card is higher than 9, and if your hand has a card higher than nine. You can actually play hands that contain a Poker card above an eight. You need to start off with a solid strategy at times. If you are holding a three card nine and your opponents are showing a nine or higher that is the only time playing a hand with a card above an eight is recommended. Can play a nine low In this case or wait until you get an improved grip of the game otherwise. Hoping that they can catch a couple of low cards to make a good draw many players will play a high card with an A-2 or an A-3. Initially, you are telegraphing that you have a pair of solid low cards as hole cards if you call a bring-in or a finishing point with a card higher than a nine showing. When you make this play a player will punish you at the tables with extra bets and you have to almost always abandon the hand if you don’t catch immediately,.

It is time to abandon the hand in most cases when you do not recover your Poker hand by Fifth Street. You must catch both cards perfect to make a hand and betting on limits double. There may be times that you will want to dump your hand at Fourth Street. If you start with a three card eight and on fourth for example, your opponent catches a 7 to go with a low card, then you are very liable against a seven low draw. It’s time to fold when you will have to catch every card perfect to outdraw a seven in this case.

When a player is boardlocked learn how to recognize this situation. Boardlocked is a situation when a player is locked into a assured hand and cannot advance to beat you. For instance, your opponent is showing 9-10-8 as their board and you have a 7-6-5-4-A low on Fifth Street. There is no possible way they can outdraw you with two cards remaining even if both are their down cards are perfect, such as A-2. Knowing if you are drawing to a hand is also a helpful thing. You can usually call a bet in most cases since you can catch many cards to beat his hand if you have four cards to a six low on Sixth Street and your opponent is boardlocked into an eight low. pay careful attention to not only what your opponent is showing but also keep in mind what the best possible hand is that he or she can draw is a requirement in boardlock situations. over time.

Play your board aggressively because Razz is a game where you need to play a strong looking board aggressively to push drawing hands out. If your opponent is showing a couple of high cards then you need to bet and you are sitting on Fifth Street with a three card seven which also the same when your opponent pairs up on his board or catches high cards that leave him drawing lower than you. It does not matter what your hole cards are in some cases. For example, you call a bring in with a A-4 in the hole and a deuce up and immediately catch a 4 while your opponent has a 10-8 showing. It’s hard for your opponent to know this while you are technically behind right now. You just now picked up a wheel draw as far as he knows might have started with A-2-3. You may be able to push him out depending on how the board falls as right now If he does not fold because he has a four card ten at best.

It is significant that you stay versed in all forms of poker now that mixed games are picking up status. Razz is a game that you will likely see only played in either at higher levels at a casino or tournament. You also can effortlessly find it in most of the larger poker rooms online. Many people do not play this game well, so build a solid foundation for the game will prove gainful over the long tow like stud eight or better.

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