Does it Benefit Me to be a Specialist or Should I Learn All the Games?

28 Jul , 2009 - Posted by Dan in Poker Tips

This is a tough question to answer as it really depends on what you want to do with your poker playing.  If you are just looking to take down your local game, you are probably better off just playing hold’em and becoming an expert.  If you want to be a true player and be successful at the casinos, you are better off getting a well rounded education and learning all of the games.

The reason I say that you should become well rounded is because you never know where opportunity is going to strike.  Most home games are either a compilation of a bunch of silly games like After the Queen, Low Hole and 7, Middle Hole and the like or straight up Texas Holdem Poker tournaments.  Any game with a wild card is pretty much pot luck so you can focus on hold’em and clean up with your buddies.

When you are looking to play cards for a living, you have to be able to play where the money is.  For instance, you walk into your local card room and all of the hold’em tables are not only filled, but are occupied by people that you know are better than you.  On the other hand, the 7 stud table has 2 seats open and has nothing but suckers sitting at it.  Do you want to be on the list to donate your money or would you rather go sit down and make 2 month’s rent in one session?

The other money making opportunity for this is playing poker on poker sites.  H.O.R.S.E. tournaments are becoming more and more popular at the poker sites. While there may be a lot of players in them, they do not always have the best skills once you get into the stud variations.  It is always funny to watch someone play Razz for the first time as it can get quite confusing. These poker sites offer more popular games which might be an opportunity to make more money.

This is where being a well rounded player will help you.  Let them fight it out on the hold’em and Omaha Poker games.  You can sit back and wait for big hands there, but when the stud games roll in, all bets are off.  This is where you can lay down the hammer and take advantage of the weaker players.

As a matter of fact, this is also true of the live game.  I’m not sure if you noticed for not, but the majority of the variation games had all pro’s going deep in the WSOP.  The reason behind this is the fields are smaller and the play is much weaker.  A skilled player can rip right through these games.  In all honesty, if you want to win a bracelet, this is your best chance.

Now is the time to start practicing.  Get as much experience as you can at the micro levels online and then get into the live games at the casino.  Start at the lower levels to get a feel for how the game is played and then start sitting in with the big boys.  You may even find that you like it better than hold’em!

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Day 1 the £2,500 HORSE Event in WSOP-Europe

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker
WSOP Europe

WSOP Europe

There are 110 Poker competitors raise £2,500 every one to acquire an attempt at WSOP-Europe HORSE competition. HORSE is the turning round game that made up of Limit Omaha 8 or better, Limit Holdem, limit Razz, limit stud 8 or better, and limit 7 card stud. Every diversion is dealt for eight hands previous to exchanging. Leading light professionals contributing in today’s occasion comprise Chad Brown, Roland De Wolfe, Andy Black, Layne Flack, Thor Hansen, Jens Voertmann, Dave “DevilFish” Ulliott, Erik Seidel, Vanessa Rousso, Allen Cunningham, David Benyamine, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, John Juanda, John Phan, Gus Hansen, Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, and Phil Hellmuth. Also marked in the meadow, creating his foremost manifestation at this WSOP-Europe was Doyle Brunson.

Play improvement rather sluggish to start with but shortly spontaneous as the arrangement for this Poker event looks a slight express. Phil Ivey recorded a pleasant three means pot throughout a stud 8 stage next to Jason Newitt with Thomas Bihl. Ivey was led the battle on the turn and on river. Bihl trapped a couple of queens on 6th, and wagered out presenting a board of (X-X) J♣-9♠-Q♦-Q♣. Ivey increase the amount presenting a board of (X-X) 6♣-5♠-6♠-J♦. Newitt folded. 7th Street was dealt horizontal and Bihl checkered to Ivey, who enthusiastic out a gamble. Bihl got the call. Ivey presented 6♦-5♣ for his downcards used for a full house moreover Bihl folded. At this moment in the competition, Ivey was about 18,000 chips in.

More than a few tables had extremely burly arrays but not any contrasted to Poker table eight. Table eight had Doyle Brunson, Max Pescatori, Chad Brown, Thor Hansen, Chris Bjorn, John Juanda, Robert Wiliamson III, Jean-Robert Bellande, and a little unidentified gentleman. Oh wait a minute the unidentified gentleman was the dealer.

Chad Brown finished up as the foremost celebrity got rid of from day 1’s H.O.R.S.E. competition. In the Omaha 8 or better stage, Chad Brown created a two bets before the flop of 5♥-2♣-7♥. Both Jean-Robert Bellande and Robert Williamson III prepared the call. The fourth street of Q♣ and the fifth street of the 10♥ were betted down. Williamson presented 8♥-6♣-3♠-A♣ for the best low cards and Bellande presented 6♦-3♥-2♥-K♣ for a flush. Brown folded his cards and started out of the competition vicinity.

The subsequent star to strike the flap was Andy Black. At some point in a stud event, Black completed the raise on turn presenting (X-X) J♦-4♥. Ivo Donev, the unique bettor got the call presenting (X-X) J♥-5♠. Black trapped a 3♣ on river and Donev trapped the 3♠. Then they both bet nothing. Donev shut out the bet after grabbing an A♥ on sixth. Black just had three 25 value chips and got the call following catching the 2♣. Donev presented J♠-9♥ for a couple of jacks. Black presented A-Q for the wheel draw. Donev trapped the nine on a fifth street for jacks upbeat and Black just trapped the king, then Andy grew fainter to Black.

Phil Hellmuth has had actually landing his hold today. Phil has been close crammed of the chip ahead for nearly the entire round. In the Omaha 8 cards linking him, Neal Friets, and Layne Flack, Phil wagered out on the board of 5♥-6♠-4♥-6♦ and Flack moved about drained. Friets and Hellmuth called along. The fifth street dropped the J♦ and Hellmuth gamble out. Friets got the call. Friets presented 2♠-3♦-9♣-7♠ for the seven up straight and the 6 low. Hellmuth afterward flipped over A♣-3♣-6♥-6♣ for a four of a kind of sixes and 2nd nut low. Flack mentioned, “Four of a kind of sixes and the 2nd nut low, is that everything you got?” He afterward folded his cards and disappeared from the competition vicinity.

Soon after that Mike Matusow as “the Mouth” begun taunting Hellmuth regarding the truth so as to Hellmuth has never succeeded the bracelet in the non-holdem competition. This was really right. Hellmuth has eleven gold bracelets, however each and every one in single variety of holdem or any more. Norman Chad as excerpted as uttering, “He is the one magician, but young man, what the trick.”

HORSE was not the simply item being engaged today. Throughout the rests Mike Matusow, John Juanda, Phil Hellmuth, and Doyle Brunson chooses to fool around some $1,000 a means Chinese Poker. Unhappily for Matusow, he did not succeed the hand. The mass could listen to his outburst athwart the room following the break.

Thor Hansen once more could not call for assist from Odin as well as broken out as of today’s game, even though we don’t have the factors of his ruined-out. Dave Ulliott the “DevilFish” ruined-out soon after down a huge stud pot next to Gary Jones’s “ace high.” The one who eradicated by David Williams while he obscured queens couldn’t outdraw Williams crack aces was Michael Binger. Mike “Timex” McDonald and Chris Ferguson were as well victims of the last stage.

After a 12 hours and 30 minutes gathering, the opening day of a HORSE competition completed by Phil Ivey in first place. This is supposed to move toward as a surprise to no one seeing as Ivey is believed by numerous chosen the most excellent in general poker competitor living. In an appalling progress to all, Phil was in 2nd position with had 54,200 chips. Woody Deck was 3rd in chips about 37,500. Howard Lederer and Daniel Negreanu are together hanging just about the 30,000 chip stain. Just now it comes into view that Richard Ashby was the little load at 3,200 chips. For several unheard basis, Mike Matusow didn’t account the quantity of chips he had outstanding, however he is certainly still herein session. It as well comes out that Brunson out of action everywhere something like finished of the day however we do not have some statistics on how this happened.

56 competitors stayed alive for Day 1 of this £2,500 HORSE round. Tomorrow swears being an extended day since we are predicted to fool around to the ultimate table. With a quick arrangement of deal, look forward to lots of untimely bust-outs and after that play to slow to a crush as we move toward the cash bubble. Just 16 competitors will take home in this competition with 16th position receiving £4,812. The champion of this session will obtain £76,999 moreover the popular gold bracelet. The day 2 of the said competition will kick off Sunday at 2 o’clock p.m.

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The Final of £2,500 in WSOP-E (H.O.R.S.E. Event) – Part II

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

The subsequent guy to go out the arena for the period of an Omaha 8 round was Jeff Duval. Saw on board K♦-J♣-7♦-2♠-6♦, Duvall gamble out 16,000 moreover Lederer raised up to 32,000. Duvall called worn-out. Lederer presented A♦-5♦-4♣-9♥ for his nut flush plus his second nut low. Duval tremble his head into accord and thought, “That’s good.” Duval manures his cards and was eradicated in 4th position. Duval’s prize for a powerful showing was £22,000.

By means of three Poker players outstanding, Howard Lederer is the chip lead with a total of 563,000 chips. Sherkhan Farnood was placed second that have 295,000 chips and Ivo Donev is in the preceding with 255,000. Ivo Donev obtained a few of strikes and getting small loaded, but then departed on a small hurry of cards, typically next to Howard Lederer. Without prior notice, the three loads were moderately even. Lederer with 410,000, Farnood has had 355,000, and Donev also with 335,000. At this moment it was someone’s game.

No earlier than you be able to say unexpected change, possessions initiated rotating south to direction for Lederer. Lederer goes a large trick next to Ivo Donev in the Stud round then Donev called him downward all the means with only a lowly couple of queens. Following the Poker hand, next Lederer was losing to 186,000 chips as well as Dovev was a further chip leader take 516,000 in chips. As I talked about previously, at this time, you could say switcheroo quick.

Lederer was capable of formulate a small piece of a response and shifted his stack support to over 360,000 however after that he lost end-to-end hands. Primary, in Razz level, Sherkhan Farnood and Lederer knotted in the hand that witnessed stakes on each street to seventh. On THE seventh, Farnood wedged the 9-low to quick draw a 10-low of Lederer.

Subsequently, in a Stud Poker vent, Donev and Lederer were in the hand that showed Donev a bet raise from Lederer on 6th Street. On the seventh, Donev bet away and Lederer have the call. Donev presented (6♥-5♦-3♣) 6♦-4♣-7♦-J♥ intended for a sequential rank and Lederer now manure his hand. Following the two cards, Lederer got the short load with 135,000.

Sherkhan Farnood finished up crippling Ledered the hand afterward during Poker stud. It came into view that Lederer was also running a trick, otherwise he was on the draw that overlooked. Farnood succeeded the hand with only a stingy couple of eights. Following the hand, Lederer was caused by only 22,000.

Lederer was capable of prevail pinch the gambles the following deal during a Stud 8 level, but again the following hand, his achievement to 12,000 with card on 8♦ presenting saw Farnood raise up to 24,000. Donov was as well mixed up in the hand then called along. Lederer progress drained with his final 9,000 and together his opponents called. Both adversaries formed a side pot so as to see Farnood stake out together on 4th Street and 6th Street. Finally, Farnood showed aces and kings for the high, also Donev illustrated an eight low for low. Lederer manure his hand then ended as our 3rd position finisher. £30,250 got by Lederer as a prize intended for his strong come to an end, but undoubtedly that Lederer almost certainly senses ill immediately. Later than containing such a strong lead, last of all 3rd is dangerous.

Between Sherkhan Farnood and Ivo Donev saw that they comparatively draw near chips play Heads up. Donev got 654,000 but Farnood hold 448,000.

Ivo quickly raised up two pots as of Farnood to place him in a strong lead. Primary in a Stud 8 event, Donev lifted a bet as of Farnood on 5th Street. Farnood caught and open couple of deuces however Donev was the attacker. Farnood was called. 6th Street took a J♠ to Farnood and the 7♥ to Donev. Farnood bet nothing and Donev gamble. Farnood have to place Donev on the giant hand, as his manure.

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After that, throughout a Holdem event, Donev was raised as well as Farnood called. The deal was Q♦-9♦-8♦. Farnood pass and raised a gamble from Donev, and then Donev completed the call. The A♦ dropped on the round and the stroke was made sure around. The river fall the K♣ and Farnood stake out. Donev raised then Farnood composed a lament call on a river. Donev presented J♦-3♦ for the next nut flush, as well as Farnood manure his hand. At the moment, Donev had approximately a 3 to 1 chip ahead by 849,000 chips toward Farnood’s 253,000.

Currently, limits are 15,000 to 30,000. It merely got single hand to place Farnood back into argument. At some point in a Razz turn, a big jackpot of 230,000 occurred. Farnood gazed distant at the back being board-locked to the Jack-low. Donev had the prospective seven-low draw. Amazingly, the most excellent to facilitate Donev could succeed was the J-7 low. Farnood immovable just right on a river and succeeded the pot by J-6 low. It came into view that Farnood established with A-3-5, ran after, and got fortunate. I speculate what Hellmuth would articulate regarding his play?

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In excess of the route of the subsequent another 30 minutes Farnood succeeded a cycle of prizes that goes round a tide into his goodwill. Actually, Farnood was capable of taking a 798,000 to 304,000 chip ahead. Donev was after that dealt the crippling drive throughout an Omaha 8 event. The majority of his chips walked off into a pot with a panel of 2♠-8♠-4♦-7♣-6. Donev presented 10♣-7♠-5♣-6♦ for the eight high straight plus a 2-4-5-6-7 low. Farnood also presented A-2-10♦-9♣ for a nut straight plus the A-2-4-6-7 low. This dogged the pot left by Donov by only 30,000 chips.

Below 10 minutes afterward, the remaining of Donov’s chips goes into the Third Street within the Stud round. Farnood instituted by split eights moreover Donev got three clubs and two over cards. Fifth and Fourth Street’s were vacant for both competitors. Donev hoisted the flush draw lying on sixth as the 7♣ dropped. Farnood hoisted a Q♥ on 7th Street to formulate two pair. Donov would want the club to triumph. Donov’s ultimate card was a 4♥, but Sherkhan Farnood comes first the 2,500 dollars H.OR.S.E. Event. Ivo Donov obtained £48,125 for his second best finish.

110 competitors kicked off this £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. round. The “most horrible player of record” as declared by Phil Hellmuth, outlived 109 other rivals to take home a gold bracelet plus the £76,999 jackpot.

Well done to Sherkhan Farnood, £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. Event title holder.

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The Final of £2,500 in WSOP-E (H.O.R.S.E. Event) – Part I

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

According to the event at World Series of Poker Europe the 11 finalist players meet last Wednesday for a final of this £2,500. Howard Lederer, Raul Paez, Erik Albinsson, Ivo Donev, Sherkhan Farnood, Jeffrey Lisandro, Mark Gregorich, Phil Ivey, Yuval Bronshtein, Jeff Duval, and Spencer Lawrence every one come as one to create a sprint for the bangle.

For the awfully actual WSOP had a player removed. First in Omaha 8 round, up to 8,000 was Raul Paez raised and from the full-size blind, Howard Lederer completed the call. The flop fall 7♣-6♥-2♦ and out for 4,000 Lederer bet. Then Paez called. The deal fall the 4♣ and Lederer place Paez in intended for his very last 5,500. Paez held 10♥-A♥-10♣-8♣ for his flush draw then gutshot straight draw, and a poor low. Lederer showed hands 5♥-5♠-6♠-7♥ for a couple pair, another straight draw, and then seven low. The river drop the J♦ and Lederer dogged a pot and get rid of Paez in eleventh place. Paez got £6,188 for his come to an end.

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After that, the next Poker competitor to fall was Yuval Bronshtein. Yuval Bronshtein was weary on Fifth Street on the Stud 8 round and Phil Ivey got the call. An eight gutshot straight next pair on sixth holding 5♠-9♥-A♦-8♦ (J♥-Q♦), Bronshstein got on. Ivey was at hand a couple of kings. The last card had Bronstein was 4♣, then Bronshstein do away with in 10th with £6,875 as his prize for declining to the grand Phil Ivey.

Erik Albinsson required taking a place in a while once, when everyone in on 4th Street in Stud 8 round with (3♦-6♦) 5♣-Q♦). The one who made the Poker call was Jeffrey Lisandro holding (A♥-4♠) 10♣-10♦. Albinsson trapped a 5♥ on 5th Street to provide him a couple or pair however Lisandro trapped a 4♣ to set him in a distant lead. Albinsson would require in a row a Q♦, 5♦, or K♦ or A♦ to succeed the hand. When Lidsandro got a 5♠, Albinsson mislaid one of his cards on 6th. But he caught a 9♥. And a 6♥ on 7th Street fail to spot by Albinsson, and he turn out to be the 9th position terminated with £6,875.

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The last on the Poker table was at the present place are Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Spencer Lawrence, Sherkhan Farnood, Jeffrey Lisandro, Ivo Donev, Mark Gregorich, and Jeff Duval.

This got almost three hours before for the subsequently exclusion. On 3rd Street, Spencer Lawrence is all in moreover the three contestants hang about the pot. Jeff Duval complete an untie pair of 10 on 4th and Ivey bowed out. Jeff gambles out on 5th keen on Howard Lederer, that was viewing 3♠, and Lederer got the call. 6th Street viewed Duval among three hands to straight on panel also Lederer amid three coordinate cards. Both participants ensured. Very similar deed happened on 7th. Lederer might simply gather a couple of aces. Duval viewed hidden kings so that kings up. Lawrence merely got nines and threes, but Spencer Lawrence was getting rid of in 8th position with £8,938. And this was the 3rd final WSOP ending table for this year by Spencer Lawrence, all near-term in assorted actions. This would be motivating to observe how he summarizes this presentation next year in Las Vegas in the WSOP.

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An individual who is the greatest players at World Series of Poker for the last two consecutive years was Jeffrey Lisandro. As well as at the moment, he got 10 WSOP currencies in the preceding two years, four ending tables, and the bracelet in the year 2007 with $2,000 Seven Card Stud Event. Throughout a holdem season, among the board presenting 6♥-4♣-K♥-8♥, Lisandro made raised all-in into 15,000. Howard Lederer got the call. Lisandro dropped J♥-J♦ for a couple of jacks then flush draw. Lederer viewed 7♥-5♠ to have straight and punier flush draw. Unluckily for Lisandro, that the river fell the A♣, and Lisandro turn out to be out 7th position come to an end, and take home of £11,000.

A fairground ride final table had with Phil Ivey. He was changeable all through. For thirty minutes after the elimination of Lisandro, Ivey go on a bringing up the rear line and was gone with simply 14,500. For the duration of a stud round, Ivey got caught up in the hand of Mark Gregorich. Mark stake out keen on Ivey on each street furthermore yet bet murky on 7th Street. Ivey ungenerously complete the call lying on 7th with the final of his last chips. Gregorich exposed hidden queens to have with a couple of sixes presenting on his panel for queens-up. Ivey manure his cards and leading to the rail. Phil Ivey the 6th place terminated, with take home of £13,750.

Even though Gregorich get rid of Ivey, he was the merely sitting on with 32,000 chips. Among the restrictions of 6,000-12,000 chips, Gregorich has created a stand. The pot should three bet among Sherkhan Farnood and Gregorich in holdem round. K♣-9♣-8♣ fell on the flop. Gregorich gamble and Farnood bowled out the raise. Gregorich complete the call. The deal fall the 4♦ and Gregorich ensure to Farnood that gamble. Gregorich had only 13,000 remaining and he chosen to put down the chips. Farnood got called. Farnood presented 5♣-5♠ a pair and flush draw then Gregorich answered A♦-J♥ for air. The 9♠ with the river preserved Gregorich’s destiny, and he is our 5th position come to an end. With his strong performance he got a reward of £17,188.

The one who was calculating the majority of the battle at last final table so far is Howard Lederer. All in all he had up to 553,000 chips at one end in four handed for a cause to a large stud pot among him and Sherkhan Farnood. Howard is recognized with a designation of limit holdem specialist, but excluding a triumph in an Aussie Millions opening, Howard had not that actually huge achievement in poker a short time. He got two bracelets the one is in Omaha Hi-Lo and the other is in Deuce to Seven Lowball.

Whereas the chip leader was Lederer at present, possessions in Limit poker are able to alter hastily. When the time that the players are four handed, maybe the limits is about 8,000 and 16,000. The pair of pots might indicate a full-size swing chips.

I there for conclude that this happening will be placed in the subsequent post. Can Lederer do well incarcerating for his 3rd bracelet, or there is someone else create a surprising return?

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