WSOP Player Profile – Erik Seidel

23 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

You can roughly always see Erik Seidel well dressed and sitting quietly and it is impossible to find any man quieter than him sitting at the tables. If you talk to him you will discover that he is no more than a silent courteous man.

Erik SeidelErik Seidel

Erik Seidel

You would believe that he was nothing more than a mediocre Poker player at first if you were to play against him. You would quickly find that you were wrong about what you probably consider an antisocial man unluckily for you. All of your chips would be his sooner than you knew what was going on.

Erik Seidel is a New York guy that started his gambling profession with backgammon. Currently he was attending Brooklyn College, but he later dropped out. He took up backgammon professionally after leaving college. He also began to play poker soon after that. He sustained these two Poker games until 1985, when the decision was made that as if it was time for a new job. For the years that he was a stock broker and he continued to play poker in his spare time. The stock market crashed and he lost his job but continued to play poker after a few years. After he worked on his game for a while, Seidel took his first try at the World Series of Poker during 1988.

Erik Seidel’s initial nine Poker games didn’t go as intended because he had completely no cashes during that time. Seidel in time found himself against Johnny Chan, the World Champion, during the Main Event, and though he lost, that great things would be seen from him later on became obvious.

While he was a stock broker Eric Seidel spent a few years playing high stakes poker. Seidel refrained from playing poker as a professional even as he won the bracelets in 1992 and 1993. After winning the $210,000 and his third bracelet in 1994 when he won the $5,000 Limit Holdem event, Seidel to decide to turn professional. He soon moved to Vegas with his wife.

Moving was the most excellent decision Seidel could possibly make. He now position 5th all time for WSOP bracelets. Seidel won eight different World Series of Poker Bracelets to earn that ranking. He won different areas, including two wins in bracelets in No Limit Holdem, two wins in Limit Holdem, two wins in 2-7 Lowball, one win in Pot Limit Omaha, and a win in Omaha 8. He has managed to win over nine million dollars in tournaments in his career. In April of 2008 He also won his very first WPT title. Earning $967,390 he won the Foxwoods Poker Classic. He also now holds the titles for the previous Diamond Jim Brady, Four Queens classic, and Fiesta Al Lago events.

Erik Seidel enjoys a huge music buff. He can usually be seen with a set of head phones that allows him to listen to his favorite music while he plays. He also works for Full Tilt Poker and is one of the people in charge of site design.

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WSOP Legend – Doyle Brunson

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Doyle Brunson, alias “Texas Dolly” who stands alone just likes a legendary person in the name Poker world. Maybe he evaluated his self as an over qualified in WSOP. Even at this time he plays a large number of competitions in the game poker and it’s complicated to visualize “Texas Dolly” was not at the World Series of Poker.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunsonowns 10 WSOP bracelets furthermore still annoying to add his bracelets to 11th. Doyle got his foremost bracelet in World Series in the year 1976 when he was greatly slighter and got his 10th bracelet in year 2005. It is an elongated expedition for Doyle, the type of expeditions you create cinema regarding. I rather visualize Texas Dooly may possibly acquaint with legend for days concerning his pass days of competing in back rooms as well as periling his life being a poker enthusiast. Passing across them all and have fun next to the most excellent in four unlike decades. Anything says Doyle Brunson is the most excellent forever it doesn’t matter everybody respects him as well as recognizes he is the best among the best performers to ever fool around the Poker game.

The term Super System, identified as the “poker constitutions and by-laws”, Doyle was the author, altered the poker planet without end. In 1978 the normal competitor at the present had the skill to distinguish how the in favor of were creating currency take part in Texas Holdem. If still not read Super System, better to have one. This volume is still applicable these days, and got some idea how to engage in recreation about the game as a professional. Doyle believed that his writing has lot of expenditure, the amateurs become because of his book.

Doyle Brunson is identified as a Texas Holdem enthusiast, but he possibly will be the top all in the region of poker enthusiast to still exist. In No Limit Holdem, Brunson got the bracelets, Deuce to Seven Draw, Seven Card Stud, RAZZ plus HORSE. By the year 1979 Doyle again triumph a Mixed Doubles episode along with Starla Brodie. For that 10 bracelets in all ‘Dolly” succeed four of them by competing No Limit Holdem. The major cash price that Doyle Brunson has was the one when he prevails at the Shorthanded No Limit Holdem bracelet in excess of $350,000 at the World Series. And that could assist you appreciate how great deal the game have tainted, in the year 1976 Doyle prepared $230,000 for pleasing the major event. 1976 Doyle Brunson won two bracelets in the Main Poker Event also in the Deuce to Seven Draw.

Doyle’s hand known as the 10 – 2, he won nonstop up to main events cleave to the two hole hands in 1976 and 1977. In ‘76 Doyle Brunson hit Jesse Alto by Heads up that’s came from at the rear to build full house, once more in’77 with at hand 10 – 2 Doyle again coming behind creating a full hose next to Gary Berland. The 10- 2 cards is one among the worst cards in poker and evermore will be acknowledged the same as “Doyle Brunson”, Doyle occasionally will play the hand when he is on the TV show just for show. He changed poker a lot since succeed in main events in 1976 in attendance were twenty-two contestants in the competition and 34 competitors in 1977 measure up to the thousands that come in each year now. In 1977 Doyle got six bracelets, but in 1980 he did not win any. In 1991 Brunson add his next bracelet from the time 1979, with take home of $2,500, in No Limit Holdem event that exceed than $200,000. In 1998 in a RAZZ tournament, again Doyle succeeds, but in 2003 expecting again to prove that he may possibly still get big competitions when he make it in HORSE event. “Texas Dolly” again won his 10th WSOP bracelet by year 2005 captivating home in the event of Shorthanded.

Doyle Brunson got married in 1962 with Louise. Blessed with three kids, like father like son, Todd became also an expert poker competitor himself. Both of them Todd and Doyle are the original father and son permutation to succeed in WSOP bracelets. Doyle’s daughter Pamela as well plays and bring into being successor in 2007 Series. Doyle conquered big problems in his living for he got disease in the near the beginning of 1960’s so as to said untreatable. The doctors believed it was a miracle when the operation was finished because no cancer may possibly be found. Doyla, his daughter at peace when she got 18 years old and Doyle back to religion to obtain him all the way through the hard-hitting times.

At this time Doyle Brunson recurrent the major currency games in Las Vegas and take part in numerous competitions a year. He competes in the WSOP annually in Las Vegas as well as in Europe. He earned in excess of $2,800,000 in his WSOP line of business, and keep on the trail to get his 11th bracelet. This year 2008 with big runs in two tournaments, come to an ending 21st in event 8th and in the World Championship of HORSE he completed at 16th. At a WSOP tournament, Doyle has completed in the top 10, in 23 times with that number I know he will continue to rise. He got 31 totality cashes during his business and also obtain six in last three progression. With the HORSE competition perhaps the greatest possibility Doyle can make at captivating extra bracelets at some point, Doyle at rest is one among best versatile competitors around the world. In WSOP HORSE events, Brunson have cashed since 2003 four times and sooner than later he might succeed it again.

Texas Dooly developed the competition of poker by means of his book and subsequent to the poker roar he has brought backed himself as the Legendary Players around the world. Countless populace distinguishes “Texas Dolly” that stand alone as the facade of poker. If Babe Ruth in the name of baseball, Wilt Chamberlain in Basketball, Gordie Howe in hockey and what Doyle in the fairy tale of poker. The distinction is you are able to play with Doyle it’s like you can take part in competition or be seated in a tournament and assess your abilities in opposition to the mainly legendary player of poker of the record. Listen to Doyle’s legend and now have the benefit of the detail that you acquired to witness a factual legend of the game poker, seize the moment watch Doyle the legendary “Texas Dolly” play.

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Beginners’ Tips for Holdem

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is enjoyed by millions of poker players, becoming widely popular with the multitude of tournaments being televised all over the world. Below are a few tips for you if want in on the craze.

Knowing how to play your position is crucial in this game. Your position is relative to the dealer button. If there are nine of you in the Poker Games, the first three players to the left of the dealer button are in early position. The next three are in middle position and the last three players are late position. Players that are in late position have an advantage over other players in a hand because they are last to act on any hand. You need very strong hands to make an initial raise from early position and late position players can open with a raise because they typically do not need as strong of a hand.

Beginners should stick to strong hands as they’re still learning the ropes. If you are playing in early position, you will only want to raise with pocket aces, kings, or queens. Ace-king suited can also be raised with from early position. If in the middle position, raising hands should be pocket eights through pocket jacks. Ace queen suited and ace king offsuit are also potential raising poker hands. Late position raising hands are pocket deuces through pocket sevens, ace jack suited, and ace queen off suit.

Another sticky issue with beginners is how much to raise. There are two answers here. The normal play for raising in No Limit Holdem is 3 ½ times the big blind. If the big blind is $2, then the raise would be to $7. This type of raise is typically sufficient to earn the respect of other players at the table. In other games, you will get 6 callers to this raise. Pay close attention to what the other pots have been raised to in prior hands, and adjust your play accordingly. A modified raise is five times the big blind. In some cases it can be nine or even ten times the blind. For those types of games, playing strong hands is crucial.

If you think you have a winning Poker hand, put your money in the Pot Limit holdem. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. A lot of beginners play too timidly, allowing other players to take free cards and draw out on them. While others will bet, they will bet the minimum or bet an amount too small to force an opponent fold. As you gain more experience, you will find that varying your bet sizes is important. But for now, you typically want to make a bet of around ¾ of the pot size to keep your opponents from having the proper odds to call your bet.

Watch your opponents’ respective betting patterns. Take note of which type of hands a particular player bets big on, for example. This will give you a better feel of how they are doing and how to act for the hand you have.

If you know you’re beat, fold. Don’t stay in a hand when it is obvious that another player has a stronger one. Pay attention to straight and flush possibilities. Many people overvalue one pair and lose a lot of money when met with a draw.

These tips can help you get started but as with everything else, it takes practice.

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Limit Holdem for Beginners

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Texas Holdem

While No Limit Holdem is at present the most popular variation of Texas Holdem, many people still prefer to play at lower limits and thus choose to play Limit Holdem poker instead. The rules may be the same for both games. However, the games play very different. Here are some basic tips for those who are just new at playing limit holdem.

Game Structure

Let’s first take a look at the betting structure of limit holdem. Pre-flop and on flop, betting is done in the increments of the big blind. In a $2/$4 limit holdem game, betting and raising occurs in $2 increments. On the turn and the river, betting is in the $4 increments. Moreover, there is a limit on the amount of raises allowed in this variation of Texas Holdem. In some cases the maximum allowable number of raises is three. This allows many to play looser then they normally would.

For beginners, playing strong Poker hand is as important in limit holdem as it is in a no limit game. Your playing position is also crucial but the range of starting hands differs. In early position, you can pocket pairs of jacks, aces, ace-king suited, and ace-queen suited. Others include ace-jack suited, and both ace-king and ace-queen unsuited. If you’re in the middle position, you can add both nines and tens to raising hands and ace-king suited as well. Being in the late position allows you to raise a variety of hands. You can add all the other remaining to your list: king-ten suited, queen-jack suited, king-queen off suit, and king-jack off suit. If you face a raise, it is important that you pay close attention to what play you make. This all still depends on what position you’re playing in.

A lot of lower stakes limit holdem games are very loose with at least 4 players seeing the flop. Sometimes you will encounter games that will almost ignore a pre-flop raise. In this case, pay close attention to the players at the table and the types of hands they show down. Sometimes their plays don’t make sense. Don’t be confused. Experienced players tend to do that in limit holdem. Also, don’t play every hand just because there are multiple players in the pot.

Watch what type of players you’re up against. If you are in a soft game, you will want to pay attention to betting patterns. Pay close attention to players who raise often and what hands they’re raising with. Also pay close attention to flop betting by players.

Drawing to straights and flushes are much more common in limit poker than in no limit holdem. In many cases, if you flop a straight or a flush draw, stay in the pot to try and hit your draw. Remember that if you flop an open ended straight draw, eight cards can come to complete your hand. If you flop a flush draw, you’ll have 9 cards that can complete your hand. Stay in the hand unless there is a lot of action ahead of you. If you can see the turn and or river for one bet or for free, then continue but if not, just fold.

You won’t see or need to do a lot of bluffing in limit holdem because it is hard to force a player to fold to just one bet which will basically represent 10% or less of their chips. It would really best to just play relatively straight forward poker.

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Texas Holdem Variations

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Texas Holdem

Since being popularized by televised tournaments and cash games, holdem Poker can now be enjoyed by fans at any given time. You can see pros and even amateurs from all over the world battle it out at the tables right in the comforts of your own home. But some, especially those just starting out, don’t realize that they can play various styles of the game online or at the nearest casino. The most popular form seen on TV is the no limit holdem but you can also play limit holdem games, pot limit, or mixed Holdem. All are different from each other and the bets are structured, each having different allowable amount of chips you can bet on any given street.

No Limit Holdem. This is how most players learned how to play and is the variation most commonly played in home games and on television. Playing No Limit Holdem allows you to go all in when it is your turn to bet, regardless of pot size or what street you are on. This game also allows you to be more creative, leaving room for bluffs and big pots. When you go all in, you force your opponents off a hand and makes bluffing easier if you can pull off such a bold move. The problem with this variation though is that inexperienced players will lean too much on the all in bet. This is because these days, this is what they see most poker players do on television – which is basically edited to show the audience the most exciting hands. This is a game that forces you to be on your toes because you even know when you will have to go all in.

Limit Holdem. This variation does away with the all in bet as it is structured in such a way to limit the action. There is a ceiling amount for bets and raises in this game. This is most commonly played in online tables and in the casinos. If you are playing with a $1/$2 blind, the small blind is 50 cents and the big blind is $1. The first two round of betting allows you to raise only a dollar at most. On the fourth and the fifth streets, you can bet in increments of $2. If you have some good poker math skills of a no limit holdem player, you will find that in this game the odds are in your favor to make a lot of calls. For example, you are in a four-way pot from the button with a $1/$2 blind with two bets per round. When it is your turn to make your final decision with the hand, the pot will already be about $42. You call $4 and you have top pair. Question is, can you lay down top pair getting a price of 10.5-1 even if you think you’re beat? Answering questions like this one is what makes a good limit holdem player.

Pot limit holdem. Here, the maximum amount you can bet is what’s in the pot. This is like playing a no limit holdem game only you’re not allowed to go all in unless the pot is bigger than your stack. The minimum bets are the same. In online games, these are automatically calculated for you so it will be kind of frustrating to do this on your own when you’re playing a home game. It is important that you include a call in the size of a pot size bet before you calculated the final total.

Mixed Texas Holdem. This variation combine two game limits in one. It allots a specified amount of time to play a particular variation then switching to another one after and so on and so forth. You can be playing no limit at first and then switch to limit holdem after. This is an interesting game, depending on which variation you’re better at. If you think you can play both extremely well then this variation is for you. But what is more important is how well you are able to cope with the switch.

While it’s not really all that bad to specialize in one style of Texas Holdem, it won’t hurt much to give the other variation a try. Improving your skills in one style can help you develop your game in another. Just keep an open mind about it.

Most of online poker rooms offer texas holdem poker games in Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit and mixed versions o. Visit poker reviews website to find out your choice of online poker room to play texas holdem poker.

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The World Series of Poker Circuit Begins

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

With its first stop in Elizabeth, IN, the World Series of Poker Circuit season has kicked off. The WSOP Circuit are groups of tournaments held at a variety of locations around the U.S. on a smaller scale, this gives players exposure to the World Series of Poker. There is higher buy-ins with the Main Event of the circuit event coming in at a $5,000 buy-in although most tournaments are around the $500 buy-in range.

Winners of the Main Event of each Circuit series will receive an entry into the Main Event of the next year’s World Series of Poker Las Vegas The victor of every circuit event receives a gold ring in addition to the first place prize money.. This year’s circuit schedule is below:

October 2 — October 14, 2008 HORSESHOE SOUTHERN INDIANA
October 24 — November 2, 2008 HORSESHOE HAMMOND (Chicago area)
November 6 — November 16, 2008 HARVEYS LAKE TAHOE (Nevada)
December 5 – December 18, 2008 HARRAH’S ATLANTIC CITY
January 20 – February 9, 2009 HARRAH’S TUNICA (Mississippi)
February 12 – February 25, 2009 HORSESHOE COUNCIL BLUFFS (Iowa)
March 4 – March 14, 2009 CAESARS ATLANTIC CITY
March 19 – March 29, 2009 HARRAH’S RINCON (San Diego)
April 12 – April 29, 2009 CAESARS PALACE (Las Vegas)
May 8 – May 20, 2009 HARRAH’S NEW ORLEANS
The Circuit does try to mix the events up on occasion offereing H.O.R.S.E., Limit Holdem, Omaha 8 or Better, 7 card stud, and on rare occasions Stud 8 or Better however many of the events in the WSOP Circuit are No Limit Holdem. The staff at Harrah’s run an incredible tournament. They have an entire area set aside for the events giving the feel of a mini World Series of Poker.

Numerous of people looks at the WSOP Circuit as the minor leagues. You will discover that many of the preliminary events are won by virtual unknown players and headlined. Partially the circuit was intended for giving players at all levels a chance at WSOP glory. It is not rare for a first time poker player to play in an event and take one down.

Of the various WSOP Circuit Events Professionals tend to fly in for the Main Event. The $5,000 buy-in is piece of the appeal. As many of the Main Events are covered by various media outlets, the other is the opportunity for media exposure.

You can also satellite your way into any event at the WSOP circuit. $65 satellites can win you an entry into the $500 events, like the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. $125 satellites win you’re an entry into the $1,000 event. You can have fun all the way up to $550 satellites to get your attempt at the $5,000 buy-in Main Event.

The WSOP Circuits usually have a decent increase of cash games going at all times as well for those of you that like to fast cash games. So there should be a Circuit event for you no matter what your game.

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Limit Holdem Main Event in World Series of Poker Europe: The Final Table

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

There was a lot of back and fourth going on between the two Poker players for the next couple of hours. When a large hand occurred between the two, The chips were about the same as the last chip count update. Alekhin made the call and Juanda raised from the button to 100,000.  Alekhin checked to Juanda who bet out 105,000 on a flop of Qd-9h-6h.  Juanda made the call and Alekhin raised to 285,000 and bet out 375,000 chips The turn fell the 6h and Juanda made the call.  Alekhin bet out 725,000 in chips and Juanda released his hand on the river of the 7d.  Alekhin took a pot worth nearly 750,000 chips as he revealed 5h-8h for the straight

This event is officially the longest event in WSOP history as far as the number of hands played at hand 355. The final table had run 17 and ½ hours at this point and there was still a lot of Poker to be played folks.

Juanda made a reraise to 325,000 as Alekhin rasied from the button to 100,000 and both players saw a flop of 2c-Ks-4h.  Juanda put money on out 365,000 and was called.  As Juanda bet out 480,000 chips, the turn fell the 10d and Alekhin started stacking chips.  Juanda folded his hand before he could put them in the middle and  Alekhin showed pocket queens.  Alekhin has retaken the chip lead at 4.66 Million..

Stanislav Alekhin started turning on the pressure to Juanda as he started chipping away at Juanda’s stack over the track of the next hour or so to the spot where Juanda was left just 940,000 chips.  John Juanda at hand 399 decisive to raise to 150,000 and Alekhin lay him all-in.  Juanda called showing As-Kc and Alekhin had Kd-Jd.  Juanda is far behind when the flop fell Jc-4c-4s  and he would need help to win.  Juanda could now win with an Ace, King, Queen, or 10 on the river and the turn card  fell the Qh.

Alekhin raised to 150,000 preflop and Juanda called a few Poker hands later.  The flop fell Ad-4h-6d and action is checked around and the 2 fell on the turn and Juanda bet out 275,000.  Juanda bet out 475,000A and 10s fell on the river.  Juanda stood up and Alekhin immediately moved all-in and showed Qd-2h for a pair of ducks. Juanda showed Ah-6c for two duo, doubled up to seize the chip lead and Juanda moved up to 3,850,000 in chips and.

Alekhin made the call while Juanda raised to 165,000 in a Preflop. Alekhin fired out a bet of 325,000 on a flop of Kc-Qh-7c.  Alekhin held 4c-3c for the flush draw and Juanda held Kh-6h for top pair.  Leaving Alekhin needing one of 9 clubs,the turn fell the 9s.  John Juanda doubled up through Alekhin and the river fell a harmless 4h. Alekhin lost with about 600,000 while Juanda held 6.6 Million in chips

Alekhin moved all in from the button and is called by Juanda at hand 484.  Juanda held Ks-6c and Alekhin held Ac-9s.  When the 6d-6s-2d hits the board Juanda flops a near miracle and making Alekhin realize that he needs running aces or nines to win.  The turn fell the Qc left Alekhin drawing dead.  The river card was the 6h, giving Juanda quads and the title to add insult to injury.  As the runner-up and will take home £533,950 for his fantastic showing, Stanislav Alekhin finished this Main Event.

John Juanda is the Champion of the 2008 World Series of Poker Games Main Event after 22 hours and a marathon heads-up session that saw him come back from the brink multiple times. He now has bracelets in No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, 7 card stud, and 2-7 Lowball. , “It’s so long ago when I won my last bracelet, I can’t remember. It’s embarrassing.” “I wondered if I will ever win again.” he stated during his interview.

In The World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Title, 362 players came out to take their shot at poker immortality. it was John Juanda that came out on top in the longest final table in World Series of Poker history in spite of the  top pros who weaved their way through the field.  Juanda will take home £868,800addition to his gold bracelet as the Champion of the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe.

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Vanessa Rousso-WSOP Player’s Profile

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

The woman you want is Vanessa Rousso if you want a mix of good looks, intelligence, and No Limit Holdem aggression.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso

Born February 5, 1983 in White Plains, NY,  Rousso spent most of her childhood in Paris, France.

She is a dual citizen of France and the U.S. as a result. She and her mother moved to the United States after her parents divorced when she was 9.

Rousso stayed very active with many extracurricular activities besides her academic pursuits during her grade school years.

She was a member of her school’s debate team and played Basketball, Softball, and also Lacross.

She accepted a full scholarship to Duke University in 2001 after graduating from high school as Valedictorian.

Rousso still stayed seriously active outside of school while majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science at Duke. She ended cum-laude in 2004 and entered law school at the University of Miami.

Vanessa Rousso in Hot Bikni

Vanessa Rousso in Hot Bikni

While in law school Rousso started to cash in various circuit events and even at the Ladies Event at the 2005 World Series of Poker when she started playing more live poker.

In 2006, she bubbled the final table at the Five-Star World Poker Classic in 2006, and earned her $263,625. She then signed a sponsorship deal with She then put together a line of several cashes before winning a preliminary event at the Borgata Poker Open in September 2006 for $285,450.

It was announced that she was dating poker pro Chad Brown shortly after her win at the Borgata. They later got engaged and are currently planning their wedding.

Rousso fell off of the Poker map for much of 2007 after her win at the Borgata.  Vanessa Rousso only had other live cashes for a grand total of around $90,000 excluding a 2nd place finish in a televised UPC event.

It seemed a little of the shine had fallen of the rising stars.

Vanessa Russo on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009

Vanessa Russo on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009

Many top pros will come out and take their shot at the big prize pools and the online bracelets and The World Championships of Online Poker are held each year by

Vanessa Rousso achieved her biggest poker score to date which the Main Event of the WCOOP saw. She went on to finish 3rd for $463,940.50 and. made the final table of the event Later, it was discovered that the winner of the event was disqualified because of violation of PokerStars rules. As a result, Rousso’s payout now became $700,782.50 and was awarded 2nd place.

She has had eight cashes this year so far and her first ever cash in the WSOP Main Event., including a final table at the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final.

Vanessa Rousso sits at around $1 Million in live tournament wins in total. She is mostly known as a No Limit Holdem player but she is beginning to improve in all facets of poker. It shouldn’t be too long before we see Rousso take down win her first bracelet or a major poker title in the future.

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Other Players in Poker world

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

As Poker has become popular we have become familiar with a lot of the top professional players in the world. Poker players unite on Las Vegas to compete for World Series of Poker bracelets annually and on WSOP programming every year we expect to see guys like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Scotty Nguyen. Every one of those players is great and deserves all the publicity they get. Nevertheless there are a lot of other great players you just don’t hear a lot about who have won multiple bracelets, but aren’t as visible like the television professionals. These guys get a little attention of there own for the great undertakings at the WSOP.

Loads of people don’t even know who he is, but Billy Baxter has seven World Series of Poker bracelets. Winning his first bracelet in a 1975 deuce to seven lowball event and has went on to cash 28 times so far, Billy is a true legend of the game. Even though he only won 1 in the 90’s, he won 5 of his seven titles in the 80’s. He has made seven cashes since capturing his last bracelet in 2002. His wins have come in less popular games like deuce to seven lowball, Razz and Ace to Five draw is the reason you may not be familiar with Baxter. Proving that he is still a great player, he had a final table in event 40 most recently in 2008. Baxter deserves his spot in the midst of the poker greats of all time with 7 bracelets and more then a million in WSOP earnings,

Did you know Layne Flack that has 6 WSOP bracelets? With 19 career cashes, he has more then $2.2 million in career World Series earnings. He won his first title in 1999 in a pot limit holdem event for more then $220 000. In winning No Limit Holdem, Omaha Hi/Lo and pot limit Omaha rebuy is where his career would take off from there. bracelets. In 2008 Layne won his first bracelet in 5 years and took home more then a half a million dollars. Flack has 6 titles and has ended in the top five, five times. He had won a couple of those tournaments he would be right up there with career bracelets throughout his career.

Berry Johnston is a main event winner although a lot of people don’t know him. In 1986 Johnston took home the bracelet and $570 000 when he won the main event.  He has cashed an amazing 56 times in his career and has 5 bracelets in total. With his best finish being 10th in the World Championship of Omaha he cashed 3 times in 2008. Johnston has definitely had a great career with over $2 million in career earnings. He is known as one of the tightest and most solid players in Texas Hold’em history.  Johnston is bound to get a lot more cashes in his career and compete for more bracelets by the way he plays.

Another main event winner, Tom McEvoy took home the title in 1983.  He has 36 career World Series of Poker cashes and 4 bracelets in total. He continues to play in the series every year and has career earnings of more then $1.2 million. McEvoy has cashed 7 times in the last three years even if he is on a big bracelet drought not winning one since 1992. he won two events including besting Doyle Brunson at the final table of the main event  in 1983. His four bracelets are in four different games Limit Holdem, No Limit Holdem, Razz and Omaha. McEvoy is an excellent player and deserves his spot in poker history. In 2008 he finished in the top 30 twice and made more then $12 000.

Chau Giang is one of the best characters in poker. He has won 3 bracelets and has 46 career cashes. Giang with 8 cashes with 3 top 15 finishes had an amazing 2008. He is still an excellent poker player and can win every time he plays. His earliest bracelet came in 1993 and most lately won a 2004 Pot Limit Omaha event. Chau finishing in the money 17 times over the past 3 World Series of Poker’s, is indeed a cash machine.  When he finished 3rd at a Pot Limit Omaha event for almost $300 000 was His biggest cash in 2006. Chau is one of the most consistent and best players in the world as his Career earnings of close to $1.5 million.

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Barbara Enright -WSOP Legend’s Profile

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

In 1995, Barbara Enright starred a final Poker table that featured Chuck Thompson, Captain Tom Franklin, and concluding champion Dan Harrington. Her legend remained even though it took an unlucky outdraw by Brent Carter to eliminate her from the event. This even made Barbara Enright is the first woman to ever make the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Enright took down the 1996 Pot Limit holdem event for $180,000 and the coveted gold bracelet following her performance in 1995 by becoming the first woman to ever win an open event at the World Series of Poker where she third overall bracelet. in both 1986 and 1994, she won bracelets in the Women’s 7 card stud event.

Her ability as a stud player made Enright known around the Poker world for. Countless of her previous tournament wins and cashes were in Stud.  Not only has she proven herself as a competent No Limit Holdemplayer, she also held numerous cashes and 4 titles in No Limit Holdem. With 11 time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Enright was inducted into the Professional Poker Hall of Fame in 2007.

2008 has been an excellent year for Enright. She has 10 cashes this year in tournaments, including 6 final tables and 3 wins so far. Enright was inducted into the Women’s Poker
Hall of Fame earlier in 2008. Enright showed the field why she was in the Hall of Fame by winning the event in a tournament as part of the induction festivities.

Barbara is one of the friendliest professionals that you will ever meet from traveling around the tournament circuit. She can play every game inside of a casino better than most men and her friendly personality is not just an act she puts on either. She always is responsive to anyone that approaches her and is very gracious in either victory or defeat whether you see her in LA, Las Vegas, or wherever. Barbara also was gracious enough to teach anyone who is willing to learn about a thing or two about the game of Razz and most of her advice got them started on becoming solid Razz players.

Various of the players were sitting with Enright in the 2006 Orleans Open while discussing the topic of Women’s Only No Limit Holdem events. Barbara said that she enjoys playing in them for the fact that she can go in them and be very aggressive. She says that when a woman goes into a tournament and plays aggressive like a man, they can do very well and that most women play the game too soft.

Even at her age, Barbara Enright is more than a match for many of the players that she faces. She is an old school professional poker player that has been around the block quite a few times. Enright proves that anyone at any age can play this game at a high level despite of the fact that people claim poker to be a young person’s game.

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