Does it Benefit Me to be a Specialist or Should I Learn All the Games?

28 Jul , 2009 - Posted by Dan in Poker Tips

This is a tough question to answer as it really depends on what you want to do with your poker playing.  If you are just looking to take down your local game, you are probably better off just playing hold’em and becoming an expert.  If you want to be a true player and be successful at the casinos, you are better off getting a well rounded education and learning all of the games.

The reason I say that you should become well rounded is because you never know where opportunity is going to strike.  Most home games are either a compilation of a bunch of silly games like After the Queen, Low Hole and 7, Middle Hole and the like or straight up Texas Holdem Poker tournaments.  Any game with a wild card is pretty much pot luck so you can focus on hold’em and clean up with your buddies.

When you are looking to play cards for a living, you have to be able to play where the money is.  For instance, you walk into your local card room and all of the hold’em tables are not only filled, but are occupied by people that you know are better than you.  On the other hand, the 7 stud table has 2 seats open and has nothing but suckers sitting at it.  Do you want to be on the list to donate your money or would you rather go sit down and make 2 month’s rent in one session?

The other money making opportunity for this is playing poker on poker sites.  H.O.R.S.E. tournaments are becoming more and more popular at the poker sites. While there may be a lot of players in them, they do not always have the best skills once you get into the stud variations.  It is always funny to watch someone play Razz for the first time as it can get quite confusing. These poker sites offer more popular games which might be an opportunity to make more money.

This is where being a well rounded player will help you.  Let them fight it out on the hold’em and Omaha Poker games.  You can sit back and wait for big hands there, but when the stud games roll in, all bets are off.  This is where you can lay down the hammer and take advantage of the weaker players.

As a matter of fact, this is also true of the live game.  I’m not sure if you noticed for not, but the majority of the variation games had all pro’s going deep in the WSOP.  The reason behind this is the fields are smaller and the play is much weaker.  A skilled player can rip right through these games.  In all honesty, if you want to win a bracelet, this is your best chance.

Now is the time to start practicing.  Get as much experience as you can at the micro levels online and then get into the live games at the casino.  Start at the lower levels to get a feel for how the game is played and then start sitting in with the big boys.  You may even find that you like it better than hold’em!

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Ladbrokes Poker Review

03 Jul , 2009 - Posted by Dan in Online Poker Room Reviews
Download Ladbrokes Poker


Country of Origin : United Kingdom
License : Gibraltar
Year of Foundation : 2004
Software : Microgaming
Currencies Used : EUR, GBP, USD
Audited By : PWC
Available Games : Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud
Bonus : Sign up Bonus of Up To $500

Ladbrokes are the oldest and the most prestigious gambling providers with a rich history that goes down to 1887, when they started off with horse race betting. With more than a century of experience the world-renowned company has opened its doors to online gambling as well. Its reputation as one of the finest bookmakers in the whole of Europe stands guarantee to the fact that its online services will be as trustworthy and efficient as its offline services.

It has a lot to offer in the form of games and promotions with huge cash rewards for their esteemed players. These wonderful offers draw a good amount of traffic to the website. There is a lot of cash to be won and players wanting to make money will find this a very good place.


Ladbrokes Poker has made a recent shift from its own software to the vast MicroGaming software. The new software has added some improvements to the earlier dull look that the website possessed. The graphics are clear and offer 3D effects and the interface is user-friendly. The ‘My Lobby’ option gives you access to all the information such as the various games on offer and their variations and level, player statistics, real time hand histories, average pot size, number of players at a table, flop percentages, chip stack amounts and other necessities.

A chat facility is enabled where players can interact with one another. Also available is a calendar that helps players organize themselves for upcoming events so that they are given reminders as the date approaches.


Peak hour traffic can go high above 10,000 players playing at various cash tables and tournaments simultaneously. The peak hour here is generally calculated by the European peak time. The Microgaming software is also the reason for an improved amount of traffic visiting the Ladbrokes Poker website.


The games offered at Ladbrokes Poker include Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud. The most popular as with all poker sites, are the Holdem games with more concentration of traffic at the fixed limit levels. The games are juicy and loose, resulting in a lot of action and huge amounts in forms of bets can be seen and won. Micro limits starting at $0.05/$0.10 are available for players on low budgets while high rollers can have their fun at the $200/$300 limits.


Ladbrokes promotes a lot of tournaments as they stand to be the favorite among poker players. You can choose to play single or multi-table tournaments, while Ladbrokes Poker offers satellite tournament qualifiers that give players a chance to make it to big international events such as the European Open Tour and World Satellite Open Poker Tournament.

Apart from this there are various other tournaments to select from and these take place at intervals of ten minutes 24 hours a day. Free rolls are offered so that players can accumulate points besides which there are guaranteed tournaments and jackpots too.


Ladbrokes Poker offers Player Points to all those players who players who play at the cash tables. These points are accumulated and exchanged for cash into your account or for buy-ins to live satellite tournaments. The points you gather are also calculated and listed on the leader board placing you at a certain rank on the board. The rake race leaderboard promotion has been designed by Ladbrokes Poker in order to reward the top 3,000 players according to their rank on the leaderboard.

To be able to get yourself listed on this board, you need to play a lot of raked hands. The more you play the higher you go on the ranking board. This is a good way of rewarding those players who play at the poker room with utmost dedication. The amount that is given out every month to players on the leaderboard is a generous $1,000,000 distributed according to the ranks of the players.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Deposit options as always are more than withdrawal methods and include VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, Solo. Switch, Delta, Bank Transfers and check while for withdrawals you could make use of VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Wire and Check.


Ladbrokes Poker offers customer support 24 hours a day through toll free telephone numbers and via their email service. The staff is very supportive and comes up with immediate help and answers to queries.

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WSOP Player Profile – Erik Seidel

23 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

You can roughly always see Erik Seidel well dressed and sitting quietly and it is impossible to find any man quieter than him sitting at the tables. If you talk to him you will discover that he is no more than a silent courteous man.

Erik SeidelErik Seidel

Erik Seidel

You would believe that he was nothing more than a mediocre Poker player at first if you were to play against him. You would quickly find that you were wrong about what you probably consider an antisocial man unluckily for you. All of your chips would be his sooner than you knew what was going on.

Erik Seidel is a New York guy that started his gambling profession with backgammon. Currently he was attending Brooklyn College, but he later dropped out. He took up backgammon professionally after leaving college. He also began to play poker soon after that. He sustained these two Poker games until 1985, when the decision was made that as if it was time for a new job. For the years that he was a stock broker and he continued to play poker in his spare time. The stock market crashed and he lost his job but continued to play poker after a few years. After he worked on his game for a while, Seidel took his first try at the World Series of Poker during 1988.

Erik Seidel’s initial nine Poker games didn’t go as intended because he had completely no cashes during that time. Seidel in time found himself against Johnny Chan, the World Champion, during the Main Event, and though he lost, that great things would be seen from him later on became obvious.

While he was a stock broker Eric Seidel spent a few years playing high stakes poker. Seidel refrained from playing poker as a professional even as he won the bracelets in 1992 and 1993. After winning the $210,000 and his third bracelet in 1994 when he won the $5,000 Limit Holdem event, Seidel to decide to turn professional. He soon moved to Vegas with his wife.

Moving was the most excellent decision Seidel could possibly make. He now position 5th all time for WSOP bracelets. Seidel won eight different World Series of Poker Bracelets to earn that ranking. He won different areas, including two wins in bracelets in No Limit Holdem, two wins in Limit Holdem, two wins in 2-7 Lowball, one win in Pot Limit Omaha, and a win in Omaha 8. He has managed to win over nine million dollars in tournaments in his career. In April of 2008 He also won his very first WPT title. Earning $967,390 he won the Foxwoods Poker Classic. He also now holds the titles for the previous Diamond Jim Brady, Four Queens classic, and Fiesta Al Lago events.

Erik Seidel enjoys a huge music buff. He can usually be seen with a set of head phones that allows him to listen to his favorite music while he plays. He also works for Full Tilt Poker and is one of the people in charge of site design.

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Day 2 the £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. Event in WSOP-Europe (Part I)

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker
WSOP Europe

WSOP Europe

Kicked off with 110 Poker competitors annoying to create their means to the ultimate table on day 2 of the £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. The meadow is still flooded with professional participants. Barry Greenstein, Patrik Antonius, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, Robert Williamson III, Gus Hansen, John Juanda, Joe Beevers, David Williams, Barny Boatman, Max Pescatori, Phil Hellmuth, Jeff Lisandro, Daniel Negreanu, Howard Lederer, and Phil Ivey are in the middle of the best names so as to be still in dispute.

The earliest victim of the day 2 was Barry Greenstein. Soon following the opening of Poker game, Greenstein was drained through A-10 next to John Phan’s A-9. Phan trapped the nine on the deal of flop, and then Greenstein was gone hopeful to seize one of lasting 10’s. The 10 didn’t turn up and Phan at the moment has a replica of Ace from the River.

Bruno Fitoussi become useless in a while then in the Omaha 8 round when his couples of kings were no counterpart for Bruce Yamron’s fives and sixes. The second best in the 2007 WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event was Fitoussi. Freddy Deeb was the champion of the occasion.

Phil Hellmuth has had obtained a hard Poker table draw used for Day 2. His rivals comprise Phil Ivey, Mark Gregorich, Howard Lederer, Gary Jones, and Sherkhan Farnood. Gus Hansen established tease Phil after he inquired Howard Lederer about Phil was a 7th or 8th most excellent contestant at the board. Lederer wouldn’t reply, but Hellmuth stated that he has had simply engaged 5 hands to that moment.

Voted off a land mass in a stud round after his queens sprinted to Ivo Donev’s kings out of bed was Jean-Robert Bellande. Brandon Cantu also out soon subsequently. In the holdem event with a flop on board of 8♦-4♥-3♦, Cantu gamble out and been raised with Yuval Bronshtein. This was sufficient to place Cantu worn-out. Bronshtein presented 8♠-8♣ for the set and Cantu presented Q♥-J♣. Cantu required running straight hands to come first, but they didn’t arrive and Cantu strike the rail.

Unhappily some hands afterward saw finished to the one of more amusing competitors, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow. In the holdem cards next to Gus Hansen, Matsow dubbed bets as of Hansen throughout the river, wherever he was drained. The panel presented J♦-J♠-J♣-K♠-Q♣ when Hansen listed pocket threes used for full house. Matusow just had ace high then was gone.

That engaged in the three method pot that built-in with Raul Paez and Max Pescatori was John Phan. On a board flopped Q♠-K♥-5♥, Phan gamble out the final of his load and was dubbed by both adversaries. Pescatori also bet together the round of the 3♦ and river fall of 6♦. At face-off, Pescatori presented A♦-K♣-5♣-3♣ for two couple, Paez presented A♠-3♥-4♣-J♣ for a low, furthermore Phan presented A♥-J♦-7♥-6♠, for a couple and a feebler low. As a consequence, Phan is got rid of from H.O.R.S.E. event.

While we started to move toward the finishing position, Andy Bloch was drained throughout a holdem round. He had strike a two of a kind of sevens on the board, however John Juanda flopped a two of a kind of kings. Both players got better and Bloch was eradicated from today’s round. The second best of the initially ever $50,000 HORSE happening at the WSOP was Bloch. He arises on a little last part of the lengthy heads-up bout by a late Chip Reese.

Both Phil’s are having intertwining a tad today. Primarily, Ivey drained on a hand next to Hellmuth after he trapped a queen on 7th in a stud event. The extremely subsequent cards, Ivey trapped the straight flush in five hands to shift his chips able to 100,000. After that, some hands afterward, David Williams finished presenting (X-X) 4♣. Ivey moved up showing (X-X) J♣ and Hellmuth called presenting (X-X) A♦. Williams pursued along.

Ivey stake out on 4th and 5th, with Williams discarding on 4th as well as Hellmuth match the bet or call down. Hellmuth after that gamble out on 6th presenting (X-X) A♦-Q♠-6♣-5♥. Ivey raised confirming a board with (X-X) J♣-7♠-K♥-4♦. Hellmuth three-bet while Ivey completed the call. At face-off, Hellmuth showed the trick and Ivey showed a pair of kings to take another huge pot off by Hellmuth.

Howard Lederer has had the major revelation of Day 2 up until now. Lederer one-time close to a chip lead the fine segment of the day. In single hand in the stud event, He was capable of eradicate both Barny Boatman and Gus Hansen by kings up. Following the hand Lederer was capable of 85,000 however hoisted to approximately 100,000 only just after that.

Since we dogged up nearer to the finishing position, together Robert Williamson III and John Juanda were got rid of. Together they were eradicated throughout a stud 8 round. Joe Beevers completed in 18th position as soon as his 7-6 low in taunt sprint into an ideal 6 by Jeff Lisandro.

Max Pescatori finished up as the bubble boy meant for this competition. In the cards next to Sherkhan Farnood, Max was drained on 6th Street presenting A♥-5♦-2♥-8♥-3♠-7♦ for a 5-high straight draw plus the seven low. Farnood confirmed 4♥-6♦-8♠-5♣-A♠-7♠ for the eight high straight as well as the feebler seven low. A 3♥ on a river provided Farnood the 7 high straight plus the six low. Pascatori didn’t seize the four then he was got rid of.

The earliest competitor to formulate the cash with a 16th position come to an end was David Williams. In Omaha 8 event, by the flop on the board showing 10♣-3♥-K♦, Yuval Bronshtein risk 2,000 as well as Raul Paez increased it to 4,000. Williams got the call along with Bronshtein three times increased to 6,000. Williams bet with four however just for some hundred more. Both rivals completed the call. The turn card of the 10♠ fell moreover Bronshtein wage out 4,000. Paez got the call. At face-off Bronstein presented 10♦-3♣-2♥-5♥ for a full of tens. Paez flashed face-down threes for a feebler full house furthermore Williams manure his hand. He then go away and gathered £4,812 for his end.

Game will carry on until we arrive at final table. Certainly, Harrah’s has been recognized to build extraordinary choices concerning the final competitions in the early hours. What’s left of today’s exposure will wrap up in the next episode.

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The Final of £2,500 in WSOP-E (H.O.R.S.E. Event) – Part II

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

The subsequent guy to go out the arena for the period of an Omaha 8 round was Jeff Duval. Saw on board K♦-J♣-7♦-2♠-6♦, Duvall gamble out 16,000 moreover Lederer raised up to 32,000. Duvall called worn-out. Lederer presented A♦-5♦-4♣-9♥ for his nut flush plus his second nut low. Duval tremble his head into accord and thought, “That’s good.” Duval manures his cards and was eradicated in 4th position. Duval’s prize for a powerful showing was £22,000.

By means of three Poker players outstanding, Howard Lederer is the chip lead with a total of 563,000 chips. Sherkhan Farnood was placed second that have 295,000 chips and Ivo Donev is in the preceding with 255,000. Ivo Donev obtained a few of strikes and getting small loaded, but then departed on a small hurry of cards, typically next to Howard Lederer. Without prior notice, the three loads were moderately even. Lederer with 410,000, Farnood has had 355,000, and Donev also with 335,000. At this moment it was someone’s game.

No earlier than you be able to say unexpected change, possessions initiated rotating south to direction for Lederer. Lederer goes a large trick next to Ivo Donev in the Stud round then Donev called him downward all the means with only a lowly couple of queens. Following the Poker hand, next Lederer was losing to 186,000 chips as well as Dovev was a further chip leader take 516,000 in chips. As I talked about previously, at this time, you could say switcheroo quick.

Lederer was capable of formulate a small piece of a response and shifted his stack support to over 360,000 however after that he lost end-to-end hands. Primary, in Razz level, Sherkhan Farnood and Lederer knotted in the hand that witnessed stakes on each street to seventh. On THE seventh, Farnood wedged the 9-low to quick draw a 10-low of Lederer.

Subsequently, in a Stud Poker vent, Donev and Lederer were in the hand that showed Donev a bet raise from Lederer on 6th Street. On the seventh, Donev bet away and Lederer have the call. Donev presented (6♥-5♦-3♣) 6♦-4♣-7♦-J♥ intended for a sequential rank and Lederer now manure his hand. Following the two cards, Lederer got the short load with 135,000.

Sherkhan Farnood finished up crippling Ledered the hand afterward during Poker stud. It came into view that Lederer was also running a trick, otherwise he was on the draw that overlooked. Farnood succeeded the hand with only a stingy couple of eights. Following the hand, Lederer was caused by only 22,000.

Lederer was capable of prevail pinch the gambles the following deal during a Stud 8 level, but again the following hand, his achievement to 12,000 with card on 8♦ presenting saw Farnood raise up to 24,000. Donov was as well mixed up in the hand then called along. Lederer progress drained with his final 9,000 and together his opponents called. Both adversaries formed a side pot so as to see Farnood stake out together on 4th Street and 6th Street. Finally, Farnood showed aces and kings for the high, also Donev illustrated an eight low for low. Lederer manure his hand then ended as our 3rd position finisher. £30,250 got by Lederer as a prize intended for his strong come to an end, but undoubtedly that Lederer almost certainly senses ill immediately. Later than containing such a strong lead, last of all 3rd is dangerous.

Between Sherkhan Farnood and Ivo Donev saw that they comparatively draw near chips play Heads up. Donev got 654,000 but Farnood hold 448,000.

Ivo quickly raised up two pots as of Farnood to place him in a strong lead. Primary in a Stud 8 event, Donev lifted a bet as of Farnood on 5th Street. Farnood caught and open couple of deuces however Donev was the attacker. Farnood was called. 6th Street took a J♠ to Farnood and the 7♥ to Donev. Farnood bet nothing and Donev gamble. Farnood have to place Donev on the giant hand, as his manure.

Titan Poker Signup Bonus

After that, throughout a Holdem event, Donev was raised as well as Farnood called. The deal was Q♦-9♦-8♦. Farnood pass and raised a gamble from Donev, and then Donev completed the call. The A♦ dropped on the round and the stroke was made sure around. The river fall the K♣ and Farnood stake out. Donev raised then Farnood composed a lament call on a river. Donev presented J♦-3♦ for the next nut flush, as well as Farnood manure his hand. At the moment, Donev had approximately a 3 to 1 chip ahead by 849,000 chips toward Farnood’s 253,000.

Currently, limits are 15,000 to 30,000. It merely got single hand to place Farnood back into argument. At some point in a Razz turn, a big jackpot of 230,000 occurred. Farnood gazed distant at the back being board-locked to the Jack-low. Donev had the prospective seven-low draw. Amazingly, the most excellent to facilitate Donev could succeed was the J-7 low. Farnood immovable just right on a river and succeeded the pot by J-6 low. It came into view that Farnood established with A-3-5, ran after, and got fortunate. I speculate what Hellmuth would articulate regarding his play?

Pacific Poker

In excess of the route of the subsequent another 30 minutes Farnood succeeded a cycle of prizes that goes round a tide into his goodwill. Actually, Farnood was capable of taking a 798,000 to 304,000 chip ahead. Donev was after that dealt the crippling drive throughout an Omaha 8 event. The majority of his chips walked off into a pot with a panel of 2♠-8♠-4♦-7♣-6. Donev presented 10♣-7♠-5♣-6♦ for the eight high straight plus a 2-4-5-6-7 low. Farnood also presented A-2-10♦-9♣ for a nut straight plus the A-2-4-6-7 low. This dogged the pot left by Donov by only 30,000 chips.

Below 10 minutes afterward, the remaining of Donov’s chips goes into the Third Street within the Stud round. Farnood instituted by split eights moreover Donev got three clubs and two over cards. Fifth and Fourth Street’s were vacant for both competitors. Donev hoisted the flush draw lying on sixth as the 7♣ dropped. Farnood hoisted a Q♥ on 7th Street to formulate two pair. Donov would want the club to triumph. Donov’s ultimate card was a 4♥, but Sherkhan Farnood comes first the 2,500 dollars H.OR.S.E. Event. Ivo Donov obtained £48,125 for his second best finish.

110 competitors kicked off this £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. round. The “most horrible player of record” as declared by Phil Hellmuth, outlived 109 other rivals to take home a gold bracelet plus the £76,999 jackpot.

Well done to Sherkhan Farnood, £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. Event title holder.

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The World Series of Poker Circuit Begins

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

With its first stop in Elizabeth, IN, the World Series of Poker Circuit season has kicked off. The WSOP Circuit are groups of tournaments held at a variety of locations around the U.S. on a smaller scale, this gives players exposure to the World Series of Poker. There is higher buy-ins with the Main Event of the circuit event coming in at a $5,000 buy-in although most tournaments are around the $500 buy-in range.

Winners of the Main Event of each Circuit series will receive an entry into the Main Event of the next year’s World Series of Poker Las Vegas The victor of every circuit event receives a gold ring in addition to the first place prize money.. This year’s circuit schedule is below:

October 2 — October 14, 2008 HORSESHOE SOUTHERN INDIANA
October 24 — November 2, 2008 HORSESHOE HAMMOND (Chicago area)
November 6 — November 16, 2008 HARVEYS LAKE TAHOE (Nevada)
December 5 – December 18, 2008 HARRAH’S ATLANTIC CITY
January 20 – February 9, 2009 HARRAH’S TUNICA (Mississippi)
February 12 – February 25, 2009 HORSESHOE COUNCIL BLUFFS (Iowa)
March 4 – March 14, 2009 CAESARS ATLANTIC CITY
March 19 – March 29, 2009 HARRAH’S RINCON (San Diego)
April 12 – April 29, 2009 CAESARS PALACE (Las Vegas)
May 8 – May 20, 2009 HARRAH’S NEW ORLEANS
The Circuit does try to mix the events up on occasion offereing H.O.R.S.E., Limit Holdem, Omaha 8 or Better, 7 card stud, and on rare occasions Stud 8 or Better however many of the events in the WSOP Circuit are No Limit Holdem. The staff at Harrah’s run an incredible tournament. They have an entire area set aside for the events giving the feel of a mini World Series of Poker.

Numerous of people looks at the WSOP Circuit as the minor leagues. You will discover that many of the preliminary events are won by virtual unknown players and headlined. Partially the circuit was intended for giving players at all levels a chance at WSOP glory. It is not rare for a first time poker player to play in an event and take one down.

Of the various WSOP Circuit Events Professionals tend to fly in for the Main Event. The $5,000 buy-in is piece of the appeal. As many of the Main Events are covered by various media outlets, the other is the opportunity for media exposure.

You can also satellite your way into any event at the WSOP circuit. $65 satellites can win you an entry into the $500 events, like the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. $125 satellites win you’re an entry into the $1,000 event. You can have fun all the way up to $550 satellites to get your attempt at the $5,000 buy-in Main Event.

The WSOP Circuits usually have a decent increase of cash games going at all times as well for those of you that like to fast cash games. So there should be a Circuit event for you no matter what your game.

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Terrible plays Razz Rounds in H.O.R.S.E. Games to look out

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Razz Poker

H.O.R.S.E has been a game that has been growing in popularity since 2006.  It is a game of five revolving poker modifications of Holdem, Omaha 8 or Better, Razz, Stud, and Stud 8 or Better.  The one game that players are the least knowledgeable in is Razz although most players have exposure to many of the other games.  They make many awful plays or do things that you would not usually see in a razz Poker game as a result.  These are few things that can appear for during a Razz round in an H.O.R.S.E. game.

First, there may be players in your crowd that will settle on to sit out many of the hand in the Razz round depending on how the game is prearranged, which is more common in H.O.R.S.E. cash games at the same time as different to tournaments. These players may only play a hand that is actually strong as a result. You can play a marginal hand next to these players in the hopes that they may catch bad and fold to pressure sometimes. It is not like call down this type of Poker player if you are showing an ace and they come in with a King.  Nevertheless, occasionally you can come in and see 4th street if you are showing a 9 or 10 and they are showing a card from 5 to 8.  They will fold to a stake on fourth if they catch paint and you improve sometimes.

It is a safe bet with the intention having a couple of really strong low cards below if a player calls a completion bet on third that was a bring-in or has a card 10 or higher.  Pay close attention to how they improve and if you are improving, bet your hand strong as a result.  Generally a player is going to put them on A-2 or A-3 in the hole if someone calls a completion with a 10 or higher.  Slow down or even fold if you can’t outdraw them if by 6th street they are showing possibility to have a better hand than yours.

The player holding their hole Poker cards are either strong or perfect if someone hits a pair on their board and they call a bet from you.  Keep on to pushing your advantage unless they happen to get better or you fall behind.

After that don’t try and bluff a calling station as in some form of poker.  Some players are showing K-7-8-9 and they will not fold their hand even if you are showing A-2-3-4.  This may seems odd, but some have experienced it. And some have also lost when their hole cards were 8-9-10 to this form of player.

A reminder, most players that play H.O.R.S.E. have a tendency to concentrate in some games and just are regular in some games and Razz is the game that most players have the slightest amount of knowledge with.  You will see some awful plays during the track of a H.O.R.S.E. game that you may not see that frequently in a Razz cash game as a result

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Other Players in Poker world

19 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

As Poker has become popular we have become familiar with a lot of the top professional players in the world. Poker players unite on Las Vegas to compete for World Series of Poker bracelets annually and on WSOP programming every year we expect to see guys like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Scotty Nguyen. Every one of those players is great and deserves all the publicity they get. Nevertheless there are a lot of other great players you just don’t hear a lot about who have won multiple bracelets, but aren’t as visible like the television professionals. These guys get a little attention of there own for the great undertakings at the WSOP.

Loads of people don’t even know who he is, but Billy Baxter has seven World Series of Poker bracelets. Winning his first bracelet in a 1975 deuce to seven lowball event and has went on to cash 28 times so far, Billy is a true legend of the game. Even though he only won 1 in the 90’s, he won 5 of his seven titles in the 80’s. He has made seven cashes since capturing his last bracelet in 2002. His wins have come in less popular games like deuce to seven lowball, Razz and Ace to Five draw is the reason you may not be familiar with Baxter. Proving that he is still a great player, he had a final table in event 40 most recently in 2008. Baxter deserves his spot in the midst of the poker greats of all time with 7 bracelets and more then a million in WSOP earnings,

Did you know Layne Flack that has 6 WSOP bracelets? With 19 career cashes, he has more then $2.2 million in career World Series earnings. He won his first title in 1999 in a pot limit holdem event for more then $220 000. In winning No Limit Holdem, Omaha Hi/Lo and pot limit Omaha rebuy is where his career would take off from there. bracelets. In 2008 Layne won his first bracelet in 5 years and took home more then a half a million dollars. Flack has 6 titles and has ended in the top five, five times. He had won a couple of those tournaments he would be right up there with career bracelets throughout his career.

Berry Johnston is a main event winner although a lot of people don’t know him. In 1986 Johnston took home the bracelet and $570 000 when he won the main event.  He has cashed an amazing 56 times in his career and has 5 bracelets in total. With his best finish being 10th in the World Championship of Omaha he cashed 3 times in 2008. Johnston has definitely had a great career with over $2 million in career earnings. He is known as one of the tightest and most solid players in Texas Hold’em history.  Johnston is bound to get a lot more cashes in his career and compete for more bracelets by the way he plays.

Another main event winner, Tom McEvoy took home the title in 1983.  He has 36 career World Series of Poker cashes and 4 bracelets in total. He continues to play in the series every year and has career earnings of more then $1.2 million. McEvoy has cashed 7 times in the last three years even if he is on a big bracelet drought not winning one since 1992. he won two events including besting Doyle Brunson at the final table of the main event  in 1983. His four bracelets are in four different games Limit Holdem, No Limit Holdem, Razz and Omaha. McEvoy is an excellent player and deserves his spot in poker history. In 2008 he finished in the top 30 twice and made more then $12 000.

Chau Giang is one of the best characters in poker. He has won 3 bracelets and has 46 career cashes. Giang with 8 cashes with 3 top 15 finishes had an amazing 2008. He is still an excellent poker player and can win every time he plays. His earliest bracelet came in 1993 and most lately won a 2004 Pot Limit Omaha event. Chau finishing in the money 17 times over the past 3 World Series of Poker’s, is indeed a cash machine.  When he finished 3rd at a Pot Limit Omaha event for almost $300 000 was His biggest cash in 2006. Chau is one of the most consistent and best players in the world as his Career earnings of close to $1.5 million.

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Pot Limit Poker Guidelines

18 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Omaha Poker

Although Omaha Poker is a game that is played like Texas Hold’em poker but has unique differences in the overall rules which starts as each player is dealt four cards. The game is played much like holdem with a flop, turn, and river and the betting occurs after each round as in Holdem from that point. To make their best five card hand at showdown players must use two cards in their hand and three cards on the board. The one who has the best hand wins the pot.  Omaha can be played in two forms, either limit or pot limit (which is more popular).

The best starting hands are those that have two aces in Omaha Poker which is a game of big cards and big draws or one or both of the Aces suited with other cards. Not all hands with Aces are created identical.  The best would probably be hands with two aces but two cards that do not coordinate are speculative hands. Not only do you have a pair of aces, you also have multiple straight draws. If your cards are suited as well, particularly suited with the aces, that offers you even more outs to win.  When you start with a hand containing that has two aces, most of the time you will raise the pot pre-flop.

Hands with two kings and two queens as their top pair just examples of other great hands. Flush possibilities are superior because not all Pokerhands are equal and the hands with straight.  These are hands that can also be passing in for a raise pre-flop, unless only call if someone else has raised.

If someone says that they have a wrap in Omaha, they are not talking about their lunch but Omaha is four consecutive cards that can create a straight.  J-10-9-8 double suited is the strongest wrap. This will allow you to make any straight from a 9 high straight to broadway.  Lower wrap straights must to be played with carefulness as they can be trap hands like for example s hand such as 3-4-5-6 can be easily outdrawn.  These are limping hands while you are learning to play the game you can naturally call a raise pre-flop with these hands

While you are learning the game at least not all coordinated hands should be played. get out If the flop does not improve your hand and  playing only unsuited wraps and big pairs either in the blind or in a very loose game is optional.

The first player to open betting can raised up to seven times the small blind which makes Betting in Pot-Limit Omaha is a little different in most games. Each subsequent raise is the amount of the pot after the initial raise, a lot of times players will tend to bet the full amount of the pot to either protect their hand, or to get more money into the pot while other bet amounts are allowed.  You will discover that Pot Limit Omaha is also an action game not for the faint of heart.  Many people will see a flop and stay in a pot after the flop due to the different possibilities their hand possesses because of the drawing nature of the game.  PLO is more popular than holdem In many parts of Europe and in fact, more money typical goes into a pot in a pot limit Omaha game than it is in a No-limit holdem game.

Know where you hand stands at all times and you need to pay careful attention to the board in Pot Limit Omaha.  In lower limit games where fewer people will fold pre-flop in especially Omaha, you need to be drawing to the nut or holding the nuts or you will typically be the loser.  Get out if you hold a straight and there is a probable flush and if the board paired and there is more than one opponent in the hand.  You need to consider getting out of the hand when your hand is 2nd nut or lower.

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September 19th the World Series of Poker Europe Launch

17 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker Europe opening in below two weeks as of Empire Casino in Leicester Square in London, England. Previous year was the primary constantly WSOP-Europe and now assures a future incredible game. The WSOP-Europe is a cluster of a three bracelet categories. The categories are Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Holdem and H.O.R.S.E.

H.O.R.S.E. event in previous year drew 105 competitors and the ultimate table was an all-VIP field. Joe Beevers, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Alex Kravchenko, Jennifer Harman, Thomas Bihl and Kirk Morrison, were all opposing for the primary eternally WSOP-E bracelet. Thomas Bihl and Jennifer Harman looked apiece a heads up, and subsequent to extensive heads up bout, Thomas Bihl succeeded the bracelet plus £70,875 jackpot.

There are 165 competitors come into the PLO Competition. The ultimate board incorporated pros Andy Bloch Tony Guoga, and Dario Alioto. Alioto appeared triumphant and took home the £234,390 jackpot. This is a European history record for a jackpot in Omaha event.

The 10,000 dollars buy-in No-Limit finals had 362 competitors joined. It was obvious near the beginning that there was one more intensifying celebrity of poker within the meadow. Annette Obrestad competently takes the helm her means through the professional profound meadow and ended the closing board of the game. Annette was merely the third lady in the record of the WSOP to formulate a foremost event ultimate table. An additional reason there was is her achievement was goes after so keenly by the humanity. She was only 18 of age.

Obrestad skillfully steered her way throughout a final table as well as in finish line bring about three achievements. Primary, was the foremost World Series of Poker-Europe Main Event champion. Subsequently, Obrestad was the first feminine to succeed a Main Event in WSOP history. Lastly, she was the youthfulness bracelet champion ever. One thing in my opinion discover comically is the reality that even though Obrestad is the Main Event winner, she still not capable to take part in at WSOP in Vegas until she got 21 of age.

Finally, the three games at the 2007 WSOP-E were sweep up by Europeans. The WSOP-E this year assures to be at the same time as significant and thrilling. Not like previous year, this 2008’s game is hold at just one site. Coordinators expect that the middle place will provide the event superior disclosure. The principal titles in the humanity will make for the occasion as well as Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Daniel Negreanu, Ted Forrest, and Jennifer Harman.

For myself, I forecast an intense presentation of US in H.O.R.S.E. category. Lots of H.O.R.S.E. games turn out to be showcases of largely Poker aptitude. PLO will probably be conquered by Europeans once more. I have take part in PLO competitions that contain serious with European competitors in addition I will confirm so as to they are extremely hard-hitting Omaha participants. The one of my bigheadedness moments in the world poker was an ultimate table I completed in Pot-Limit Omaha. The motivation I was accordingly bigheaded is that the crowd was half European. Main Event would probably be subjugated by online participants. Whereas lots of professionals do disparate to acknowledge it, the online contestants are starting to take over No-Limit Holdem. Individuals that work on their abilities on the net have a big benefit more than live competitors, and this meadow will be no less than half full of online customers. I do not witness Obrestad doing again like Main Event winner.

The World Series of Poker-Europe starts on the 19th of September. Throughout the WSOP-E, I would take you information and bring up to dates concerning the largest poker happening in Europe.

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