November Nine to meet again in February

22 Jan , 2011 - Posted by Dan in Poker News

Eight of the most recent World Series Of Poker (WSOP) “November Nine” Final Table will all meet and play against each other and their victor, Jonathan Duhamel, at the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge that begins on February 4th.

The 19th edition of the Mega Stack Challenge, held at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, is to include a new event that will pit the world champion Jonathan Duhamel and the 2010 “November Nine” against qualifiers in a special three-table tournament.

“This will be a legendary reunion watched by the entire poker community … Not only will the November Nine meet at Foxwoods to resurrect memories of their last game, the players will also test their skills against the casino’s strongest poker players,” enthused organiser Bernard Lee in a press release.

Duhamel became the first Canadian WSOP Main Event bracelet winner last November, beating Jonathan Racener in the heads-up battle to take home almost nine million dollars. Michael Mizrachi, an undisputed success story in the poker world, especially during the WSOP of 2010 in which he won the $50,000 Players’ Championship and was chip leader during the latter stages of the Main Event before reaching the final table with a smallish stack of 14,450,000 chips and finishing in fifth place. Between the 5.5 million-dollar prize that Racedner took home, to the 811,000 bonus to 9th-place finisher Soi Nguyen, came Joseph Cheong, Filippo Candio, Mizrachi, John Dolan, Jason Senti and Matthew Jarvis, in descending order.

The XIX Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge begins on 4th February 2011. The Challenge consists of a series of six events with an accumulated $400,000 in guaranteed prize money. The $1,200 buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker tournament has a guaranteed $150,000 prize bucket. The series includes a more-modest priced $75,000 Guaranteed tournament with a $300 buy-in; from 10,000-chip stacks, levels will only last half an hour – survivors of the two starting days on February 7th 8th will play out on February 9th. Single-table satellites to each tournament are also available and start at an affordable $75.

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Johnny Chan – Legend Profile

23 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

Johnny Chan has become one of the best players in World Series of Poker history. Born in China, he sits second all time with 10 WSOP bracelets just one behind Phil Hellmuth.

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan’s first World Series of Poker cash was in 1983 and he plays a full program to this day with 3 cashes in 2008. Johnny is widely considered one of the top 5 players in World Series of Poker history and is popular on Poker television. Chan came to the United States in 1968. He is married with six children. He won first bracelet in 1985 and his tenth in 2005.

Chan had already had one bracelet to his name, heading in to the 1987 World Series of Poker Main Event, however the Main Event would be where his career really started. Poker greats like Howard Lederer, Dan Harrington and Mickey Appleman Littered the Main Event final table in 1987. Johnny proved that he was a player to consider with and beat all those top pros and took home the title at the final table.

Johnny Chan won $650 000 and beat Frank Henderson heads up. In 1988 Chan made the final table of the Main Event and once more a lot of names you will recognize were at the table with him. Guys like Erik Seidel, TJ Cloutier and Humberto Brenes. Johnny showed that he was one of the top pros in the world besting Seidel heads up to take home the bracelet and $700 000 once again. Johnny was now the man to observe with back to back wins and three career bracelets The 1989 Main Event where legends are born. Chan once again was there in the end. He battled his way to again being heads up for the title, and what happened was two upcoming poker legends would take clash. Maybe poker fans didn’t realize it at the time, but it was legend vs legend. Phil Hellmuth vs Johnny Chan. Chan would still take home more then $300 000 although Hellmuth would take home the title. We will in no way see another player make three main event final tables in a row, pass up win 2 and finish second once. Johnny had made his name in the poker world. Making another Main Event final table in 1992he would win more bracelets and even.

While Johnny Chan won a 7 card stud tournament Chan wouldn’t win his fourth bracelet until 1994. When he outlasted Barry Greenstein, Steve Zolotow and Lyle Berman in winning the deuce to seven lowball bracelet His fifth came in 1997. Chan won his sixth bracelet in 2000 and in 2002 he convene with an old friend in the no limit holdem heads up tournament, Phil Hellmuth and now Johnny took home the title and his seventh bracelet. In event 15 and event 24 his eighth and ninth bracelet both came in 2003. Chan won his then record 10th bracelet in a pot limit holdem tournament in 2005. He had to beat Phil Laak heads up to win that 10th title, which earned him over $300 000. After that Johnny has cashed eight times and most lately finished 4th in an Omaha event in 2008.

Overall Johnny has cashed 41 times and 10 bracelets in his career. Johnny has made more then $4 million at the World Series of Poker alone over his 25 year career. Chan is one of the most consistent poker players in poker history with 25 years and 27 final tables made. He has had triumphed playing Holdem of all limits and styles, Omaha and seven card games.

He commonly appears on Poker After Dark on NBC. Johnny is more then just the World Series. He has career tournament earnings of more then $6.5 million and also won Poker Superstars. Play Poker like Johnny Chan and Million Dollar Holdem are the two books he had written. He runs his personal online poker site, owns fast food franchises and desires to eventually open his own casino. Chan is a great poker player and a business man who will strive for success in all his endeavors.

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WSOP Player Profile – Erik Seidel

23 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

You can roughly always see Erik Seidel well dressed and sitting quietly and it is impossible to find any man quieter than him sitting at the tables. If you talk to him you will discover that he is no more than a silent courteous man.

Erik SeidelErik Seidel

Erik Seidel

You would believe that he was nothing more than a mediocre Poker player at first if you were to play against him. You would quickly find that you were wrong about what you probably consider an antisocial man unluckily for you. All of your chips would be his sooner than you knew what was going on.

Erik Seidel is a New York guy that started his gambling profession with backgammon. Currently he was attending Brooklyn College, but he later dropped out. He took up backgammon professionally after leaving college. He also began to play poker soon after that. He sustained these two Poker games until 1985, when the decision was made that as if it was time for a new job. For the years that he was a stock broker and he continued to play poker in his spare time. The stock market crashed and he lost his job but continued to play poker after a few years. After he worked on his game for a while, Seidel took his first try at the World Series of Poker during 1988.

Erik Seidel’s initial nine Poker games didn’t go as intended because he had completely no cashes during that time. Seidel in time found himself against Johnny Chan, the World Champion, during the Main Event, and though he lost, that great things would be seen from him later on became obvious.

While he was a stock broker Eric Seidel spent a few years playing high stakes poker. Seidel refrained from playing poker as a professional even as he won the bracelets in 1992 and 1993. After winning the $210,000 and his third bracelet in 1994 when he won the $5,000 Limit Holdem event, Seidel to decide to turn professional. He soon moved to Vegas with his wife.

Moving was the most excellent decision Seidel could possibly make. He now position 5th all time for WSOP bracelets. Seidel won eight different World Series of Poker Bracelets to earn that ranking. He won different areas, including two wins in bracelets in No Limit Holdem, two wins in Limit Holdem, two wins in 2-7 Lowball, one win in Pot Limit Omaha, and a win in Omaha 8. He has managed to win over nine million dollars in tournaments in his career. In April of 2008 He also won his very first WPT title. Earning $967,390 he won the Foxwoods Poker Classic. He also now holds the titles for the previous Diamond Jim Brady, Four Queens classic, and Fiesta Al Lago events.

Erik Seidel enjoys a huge music buff. He can usually be seen with a set of head phones that allows him to listen to his favorite music while he plays. He also works for Full Tilt Poker and is one of the people in charge of site design.

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Day 3 the £1,500 No-Limit Holdem in WSOP-Europe

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

Now its day 3 at £1,500 No Limit Texas Holdem session saw 90 competitors meet to fool around their method towards a final table at initial bracelet round of this WSOP-Europe. professionals in disputation built-in John Juanda, Jason Gray, Andy Bloch, Marc Goodwin, Surider Sunar, Jac Arama, Phil Laak, Brandon Cantu, Michael Binger, Erik Seidel, and Daniel Negreanu.

One of the primary Poker experts eradicated from this day’s battle was Michael Binger. Binger drove worn-out by pocket aces. His rival holds pocket threes. Binger is obliged to study Phil Ivey’s manuscript on ruining beyond this event. Here comes the flop amid mutually remaining threes, openhanded his rival quads. The fifth street didn’t drop an ace, and then Binger was removed.

Marc Goodwin acted worn-out on the flop of 5♠-3♣-10♦. Together Tony Duffield and Fuad Serhan drove drained behind him. Duffield presented A♥-10♥ for high pair, Goodwin presented A♠-A♣, and Serhan also presented 5♥-5♦ for a group of fives. Serhan had mutually rivals coated. The fourth and fifth street come sprinting fours, providing Serhan a pot and eradicating two Poker competitors.

Stage 11 made out ended of Phil Laak’s event. Phil Laak goes worn-out holding K♣-J♠. He single out an awful moment to create a move like Sid Harris prepared the call through A♠-A♥. The panel let passed both competitors and Laak shoot up outside the competition.

In a while previous to finished the stage eleven, John Juanda acted drained on the flop of 6♠-4♦-9♥ and then called with Tim Pennington. Juanda holds 9♠-7♠ next to Pennington’s J♥-J♦. The fourth street Poker card of a 7♣ put Juanda ahead. Regrettably for Juanda, the fifth street fells the 6♣, providing Pennington the enhanced two pair.

Erik Seidel situated up the day like the third smallest load in the competition with merely 7,000 in chips. Seidel was capable of bend over a few of times near the beginning on but his sprint lastly adds up to an ending in Stage 12. Seidel drawn near with A-K as well as stumble upon pocket queens. The panel let passed both rivals and Seidel will be vacant to take part in tomorrow’s HORSE round.

This primary round of the World Series of Poker-Europe will disburse 45 spots as well as we arrived on the bubble stage through stage 12. Pete Linton turned out to be the unlucky bubble young man. Linton was drained with A♥-9♠ next to A♦-4♠. Linton kept on lead on equally the flop and Fourth Street, but the Fifth Street 4♥ drove Linton to a banister with very similar reward as the further 365 competitor, $0.

Soon following the bubble rupture, professional Surinder Sunar pushed drained by A-7 next to the pocket fours of Arkadi Kilman. The panel missed the boat moreover Sunar be paid £ 3,075.

Stages 13 perceived finished of Brandon Cantu’s day. By means of merely 8,100 in chips left over, Cantu pushed exhausted with Q♠-10♣. Adam Junglen completed a call with A♦-9♠. Cantu cried out “Grant me the ten, dealer” while the first 3 face-up cards was dealt in addition to his desire was contracted with K♦-4♥-10♠ flop. The fourth street fell a devastating A♥, send-off Cantu requiring a queen, jack, or ten. The fifth street card dropped a safe 4♣, and Cantu was eradicated.

Stage 13 came into view to be an unsuccessful stage intended for Daniel Negreanu. Primary, Negreanu was obliged to discard one hand on the fifth street that prices him a propos ⅓ of his load. As a final point, throughout the color up time, Negreanu raised pre-flop also Christoph Bommes pushed more the top exhausted. Following tanking a little bit, Negreanu completed the call presenting 9♠-9♣. Bommes holds A♠-K♦. Bommes right away pointed the king within the flop, providing him the powerful lead. Negreanu wanted one of the two residual nines to succeed the hand. The nine didn’t fall and Negreanu out of action in 24th position. Throughout stage 14, Jason Gray finished the raise toward 11,000 starting behind place. Warren Woodall ended the call. The flop dropped A♥-10♦-9♣. Woodall passed to Gray, who stake out 14,000. Woodall next raised to 45,000. Subsequent to tanking fairly, Gray bet his entire stack and Woodall finished the call. Gray holds A♠-K♠ for high pair, and Gray holds 10♣-9♠ intended to a two pair. The fifth street missed both competitors with 3♦. The fifth street card of a Q♥ botched to assist Gray furthermore Gray leaded for the railing.

Stage 16 saw finished near Andy Bloch’s competition. Jesper Hougaard formulated the raise as of the button as well as Andy Bloch pushed worn-out as of the huge blind. Hougaard instant-called by Q♣-Q♦. Bloch holds K♥-J♥. The flop dropped 7♠-A♥-10♠ to furnish Bloch a inside straight draw. Either the queen or king would drop on the fourth or fifth street. Andy Bloch ended in 15th position and produced £7,072.

Engage in recreation was behind toward ten handed after Christoph Bommes named a drained bet as of Yevgeniy Timoshenko pre-flop. Bommes holds J♥-J♣ and Timoshenko holds A♦-K♣. The flop dropped 7♥-A♣-5♣ to place Timoshenko ahead. Bommes was not capable to hold a jack on the Fourth or Fifth Street and he turned into a final table as bubble boy.

Nine competitors will come back tomorrow at 1 o’clock p.m. to occupy themselves for a bracelet herein £1,500 No-Limit Holdem competition. This was the listing of a final table:

Seat No. 1: Fuad Serhan 61,000
Seat No. 2: Daniel Nutt 207,000
Seat No. 3: Yevgeniy Timoshenko 345,000
Seat No. 4: John Dwyer 511,000
Seat No. 5: Ian Woodley 153,000
Seat No. 6: Jesper Hougaard 89,000
Seat No. 7: Linda Lee 121,000
Seat No. 8: Neil Channing 199,000
Seat No. 9: Adam Junglen 795,000

The final female footing herein primary competition of the World Series of Poker-Europe however she will need a broadways to take a trip to succeed this bracelet was Linda Lee. Adam Junglen goes into as a chip head for this ultimate table by John Dwyer right lying on his heals. Jesper Hougaard is chip head for a fine section of a day, however agitated the next small load ingoing a final table.

Tomorrow moreover symbols day one of a £2,500 HORSE event. Games will commence at 2 o’clock p.m. tomorrow also assures to games a passionate meadow. The same as has had been the case, I will reappear tomorrow to fetch you a sum up of the battle of mutually the ultimate table of competition 1 as well as the primary day of £2,500 HORSE event.

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The Final Table in the – £1,500 No Limit Holdem in WSOP-Europe

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker
WSOP Europe

WSOP Europe

Now the final table of £1,500 No Limit Texas Holdem contest founded among nine participants gazing to acquire their turn at captivating their primary bracelet. In Seat no.1 was Fuad Serhan by 61,000 in chips. This was Serhan yet foremost World Series of Poker final table. He initiates as the small load today. Seat no. 2 was in used by Daniel Nutt. He also founded the day with 207,000 in Poker chips as well as also fooling around his foremost ever WSOP ultimate table. Yevgeniy Timoshenko was on Seat no. 3 with 345,000 in chips. At the age 20 newly succeeded an APPT Macau Main Event. Seat no. 4 was taken by Irishman John Dwyer. Irishman begins today by 511,000 chips. This was his 3rd on the whole WSOP money and earliest final table. Ian Woodley a Poker professional was in Seat no. 5 with 153,000 in chips. This was his 4th WSOP money and his first World Series of Poker final table.

Jesper Hougaard might be measured an experienced person of building WSOP ultimate tables in today’s field. Today was his 2nd final table appearance in WSOP and 5th WSOP money. He occupied Seat no. 6 with 89,000 in chips. Seat no. 7 was taken by our final woman eminence, Linda Lee. She presently has 121,000 in chips. This was her 2nd in general WSOP cash. 40 year elderly Neil Channing was the mainly experienced in WSOP competitions. Now he stained his 15th WSOP cash. This was his primary ever World Series of Poker final table. He occupied Seat No. 8 and has 199,000 in chips. Our leading Poker chip was in Seat no. 9. 20 year of ages Adam Junglen begins today by 795,000 chips.

The primary little hands of a final table witnessed the small loads shove and record the forces bet and antes. Adam Junglen was raised up to 25,000, taking place an eight-hand of a final table. Jesper Hougaard motivated weary and established a call as of Junglen. Hougaard holds 9♥-9♠ and Junglen also hold A♠-K♦. The plank neglected both competitors as well as Hougaard was taking a seat with 200,000 Poker chips.

Cards on 12 showed Daniel Nutt and Fuad Serhan call the raise pre-flop starting Yevgeniy Timoshenko for about 25,000. The first dealing of the coming Q♦-10♠-8♥ and Serhan progressed drained for 47,000. Just Timoshenko called. Serhan holds 10♥-10♦ and Timoshenko hold 9♥-9♣. Timoshenko wanted a jack or sprinting nines. The fourth street card got rid of every hope when the container ten dropped, giving Serhan courtyards and a double over to 175,000.

Daniel Nutt is get rid of the extremely after that hand. Timoshenko increase the bet to 130,000 and a few of competitors got whereas to discard their hand. They were probably thoughts that he was sweltering from now down the previous hand. Battle was discarded just about to Daniel Nutt, who made drained Timoshenko called as well as presented 9♦-9♣. Nutt presented K♣-Q♣. The flop fells A♦-8♠-10♠ provided Nutt a few expect, but alas, the jack didn’t drop by a river with Daniel Nutt was eradicated in 9th position. And he expected £13,222.

Hand 24 dealt Jesper Hougaard big bet Poker Games, to approximately 300,000 after his A♦-4d out-drew Adam Junglen’s A♠-9♦ on the fifth street. The subsequently cards, Ian Woodley was drained next to Hougaard. Woodley holds A♥-Q♣ and Hougaard holds 6♠-6♣. The flop fail to spot both contestants, but the fourth street 6♥ presented Hougaard, succeed with a group of sixes plus propel Woodley away in 8th position. He expected £17,835 intended for his labors.

Linda Lee singled out hand 49 to progress worn-out with her small load. She progressed in by 40,000 and being called with Fuad Serhan. Lee was in advance with her K♠-5♣ next to Serhan’s Q♦-9♦. Her ahead didn’t end extensive as the dealt dropped A♠-Q♣-3♦. The Fourth and Fifth Street together unsuccessful to make a king furthermore Lee ceases as the very last lady standing and the 7th position finisher. She would be paid £22,448 in favor of her unbelievable presentation.

Adam Junglen bet all of two adversaries in the distance of eight cards to decrease his load to 70,000. Earliest, he mislaid the big pot toward Yevgeniy Timoshenko while Timoshenko betted the flush to out-draw Junglen’s face-down jacks. Eight hands afterward, Junglen was called an weary bet starting Neil Channing except was at the back when Channing presented A♣-K♥ to his A♠-Q♦. Both competitors overlooked the plank and Junglen was on existence maintain.

Two cards following repetition Channing up, Adam Junglen moved drowsy for 74,000 as well as John Dwyer got the call. Junglen holds A♣-5♣ and Dwyer holds 5♦-5♥. Junglen strike his three external on the three face-up as the panel folds A♦-K♣-3♦. Dwyer then rotate and strike a 45 to 1 long-shot when the 5♠ fell on the fourth street providing him a group of fives. This gone Junglen drawn lifeless and heading to the railing in 6th position. He is remunerated £28,598 and imaginings of what might have been.

It took 40 hands to eliminate the next player. John Dwyer moved all-in preflop and was called by Yevgeniy Timoshenko. Dwyer held 5c-5d and Timoshenko held Kc-Kh. Neither player hit the flop and Dwyer was eliminated in 5th place. £36,285 was Dwyer’s prize for his three days of effort.

Six hands afterward, Jesper Hougaard shifted drained commencing the little blind along with Neil Channing got a called. Hougaard had made him covered. Channing holds 8♥-8♣ and Hougaard holds A♥-6♠. The three face-up cards of J♣-J♦-10♦ missed both competitors, but provided Hougaard extra outs. The fourth street fell the 10♠, imitationing Channing’s eights plus leave-taking Channing with just two exposed to succeed then four outs to cut. The fifth street card of the 5♣ sent Channing to the railing in 4th position, making him £44,588.

When the moment we arrived at three means action, Jesper Hougaard has had an almost 3 to 1 chip ahead over Yevgeniy Timoshenko moreover almost 5 to 1 go ahead above Fuad Serhan. Have fun sustained throughout a dinner break time and for fairly a while subsequently. Lastly with cards 157, Jesper Hougaard be in motioned by drained plus was called by means of Yevgeniy Timoshenko. Timoshenko holds 4♠-4♥ and Hougaard holds A♦-J♦. The flop place Hougaard ahead when the panel dropped 5♥-A♣-9♣. Timoshenko was not capable to grasp the four on moreover the fourth or fifth, and Timonshenko turns out to be our 3rd position finisher. He makes £55,350 for his hard work.

Jesper Hougaard survival a four to one chip ahead course hooked on heads-up take part in with Fuad Serhan. Heads-up participate previous just five hands. On hands 162 about this ultimate table, Fuad Serhan increase to 120,000 as of the button. Hougaard turned drained and Serhan was called. Serhan holds A♣-K♣ and Hougaard holds A♦-J♦. In one dropped pounce, Serhan goes like a control preferred to eradicate. The panels showed 10♦-6♦-5♦, providing Hougaard a nut flush and instant win. The fourth and fifth streets were immaterial furthermore Fuad Serhan was our second best, making £89,175. Jesper Hougaard was the winner of the Event no.1 of this year’s WSOP-E. Additionally to a gold bracelet, and Jesper Hougaard triumphs £144,218.

Well done to Jesper Hougaard, got the Event no. 1 winner.

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The Final of £2,500 in WSOP-E (H.O.R.S.E. Event) – Part I

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

According to the event at World Series of Poker Europe the 11 finalist players meet last Wednesday for a final of this £2,500. Howard Lederer, Raul Paez, Erik Albinsson, Ivo Donev, Sherkhan Farnood, Jeffrey Lisandro, Mark Gregorich, Phil Ivey, Yuval Bronshtein, Jeff Duval, and Spencer Lawrence every one come as one to create a sprint for the bangle.

For the awfully actual WSOP had a player removed. First in Omaha 8 round, up to 8,000 was Raul Paez raised and from the full-size blind, Howard Lederer completed the call. The flop fall 7♣-6♥-2♦ and out for 4,000 Lederer bet. Then Paez called. The deal fall the 4♣ and Lederer place Paez in intended for his very last 5,500. Paez held 10♥-A♥-10♣-8♣ for his flush draw then gutshot straight draw, and a poor low. Lederer showed hands 5♥-5♠-6♠-7♥ for a couple pair, another straight draw, and then seven low. The river drop the J♦ and Lederer dogged a pot and get rid of Paez in eleventh place. Paez got £6,188 for his come to an end.

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After that, the next Poker competitor to fall was Yuval Bronshtein. Yuval Bronshtein was weary on Fifth Street on the Stud 8 round and Phil Ivey got the call. An eight gutshot straight next pair on sixth holding 5♠-9♥-A♦-8♦ (J♥-Q♦), Bronshstein got on. Ivey was at hand a couple of kings. The last card had Bronstein was 4♣, then Bronshstein do away with in 10th with £6,875 as his prize for declining to the grand Phil Ivey.

Erik Albinsson required taking a place in a while once, when everyone in on 4th Street in Stud 8 round with (3♦-6♦) 5♣-Q♦). The one who made the Poker call was Jeffrey Lisandro holding (A♥-4♠) 10♣-10♦. Albinsson trapped a 5♥ on 5th Street to provide him a couple or pair however Lisandro trapped a 4♣ to set him in a distant lead. Albinsson would require in a row a Q♦, 5♦, or K♦ or A♦ to succeed the hand. When Lidsandro got a 5♠, Albinsson mislaid one of his cards on 6th. But he caught a 9♥. And a 6♥ on 7th Street fail to spot by Albinsson, and he turn out to be the 9th position terminated with £6,875.

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The last on the Poker table was at the present place are Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Spencer Lawrence, Sherkhan Farnood, Jeffrey Lisandro, Ivo Donev, Mark Gregorich, and Jeff Duval.

This got almost three hours before for the subsequently exclusion. On 3rd Street, Spencer Lawrence is all in moreover the three contestants hang about the pot. Jeff Duval complete an untie pair of 10 on 4th and Ivey bowed out. Jeff gambles out on 5th keen on Howard Lederer, that was viewing 3♠, and Lederer got the call. 6th Street viewed Duval among three hands to straight on panel also Lederer amid three coordinate cards. Both participants ensured. Very similar deed happened on 7th. Lederer might simply gather a couple of aces. Duval viewed hidden kings so that kings up. Lawrence merely got nines and threes, but Spencer Lawrence was getting rid of in 8th position with £8,938. And this was the 3rd final WSOP ending table for this year by Spencer Lawrence, all near-term in assorted actions. This would be motivating to observe how he summarizes this presentation next year in Las Vegas in the WSOP.

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An individual who is the greatest players at World Series of Poker for the last two consecutive years was Jeffrey Lisandro. As well as at the moment, he got 10 WSOP currencies in the preceding two years, four ending tables, and the bracelet in the year 2007 with $2,000 Seven Card Stud Event. Throughout a holdem season, among the board presenting 6♥-4♣-K♥-8♥, Lisandro made raised all-in into 15,000. Howard Lederer got the call. Lisandro dropped J♥-J♦ for a couple of jacks then flush draw. Lederer viewed 7♥-5♠ to have straight and punier flush draw. Unluckily for Lisandro, that the river fell the A♣, and Lisandro turn out to be out 7th position come to an end, and take home of £11,000.

A fairground ride final table had with Phil Ivey. He was changeable all through. For thirty minutes after the elimination of Lisandro, Ivey go on a bringing up the rear line and was gone with simply 14,500. For the duration of a stud round, Ivey got caught up in the hand of Mark Gregorich. Mark stake out keen on Ivey on each street furthermore yet bet murky on 7th Street. Ivey ungenerously complete the call lying on 7th with the final of his last chips. Gregorich exposed hidden queens to have with a couple of sixes presenting on his panel for queens-up. Ivey manure his cards and leading to the rail. Phil Ivey the 6th place terminated, with take home of £13,750.

Even though Gregorich get rid of Ivey, he was the merely sitting on with 32,000 chips. Among the restrictions of 6,000-12,000 chips, Gregorich has created a stand. The pot should three bet among Sherkhan Farnood and Gregorich in holdem round. K♣-9♣-8♣ fell on the flop. Gregorich gamble and Farnood bowled out the raise. Gregorich complete the call. The deal fall the 4♦ and Gregorich ensure to Farnood that gamble. Gregorich had only 13,000 remaining and he chosen to put down the chips. Farnood got called. Farnood presented 5♣-5♠ a pair and flush draw then Gregorich answered A♦-J♥ for air. The 9♠ with the river preserved Gregorich’s destiny, and he is our 5th position come to an end. With his strong performance he got a reward of £17,188.

The one who was calculating the majority of the battle at last final table so far is Howard Lederer. All in all he had up to 553,000 chips at one end in four handed for a cause to a large stud pot among him and Sherkhan Farnood. Howard is recognized with a designation of limit holdem specialist, but excluding a triumph in an Aussie Millions opening, Howard had not that actually huge achievement in poker a short time. He got two bracelets the one is in Omaha Hi-Lo and the other is in Deuce to Seven Lowball.

Whereas the chip leader was Lederer at present, possessions in Limit poker are able to alter hastily. When the time that the players are four handed, maybe the limits is about 8,000 and 16,000. The pair of pots might indicate a full-size swing chips.

I there for conclude that this happening will be placed in the subsequent post. Can Lederer do well incarcerating for his 3rd bracelet, or there is someone else create a surprising return?

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Day 2 the £5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Event in WSOP-Europe

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in World Series of Poker

Here is the Day 2 of £5,000 PLO Event in WSOP –Europe makes out 45 participants back to create their walk on the way to the final board. Along with the celebrities still at odds included Sorel Mizzi, Robert Williamson III, Doyle Brunson, David “DevilFish” Ulliott, Andy Bloch, Allen Cunningham, Joe Beevers, Max Pescatori, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, and Erik Seidel. The game begins at 3o’clock p.m. London era moreover would maintain through to the last Poker table.

The earliest of the celebrities to fall as well as it did not take so long was the “DevilFish”. On a table of K♦-J♣-5♦, Ulliott progressed drained then called with Markus Golser. Golser stated to include the Fish into poor condition, however Ulliott opposed. DevilFish tossed above K♠-K♥-7♣-2♠ for arrange of kings. Golser turned over A♦-Q♦-10♣-4♠ meant for wrap plus a flush card. Golser was in fact the much loved at the moment with seventeen outs. The turn dropped the 9♥, providing Golser a good straight. DevilFish required the panel to pair, or else he was over. The river is 6♣ and DevilFish go for a dip downstream.

Jason Mercier lengthened his position as chips lead subsequent to eradicating two participants, one was Robert Williamson III. On the table of 6♦-A♣-10♦, Williamson passed to Mercier, who stake out 10,500 chips. Williamson after that check-raised pot as well as Mercier even called. On the fourth street of 5♦, Williamson stimulated exhausted for approximately 16,000. Mercier called then turned over K♦-J♦ among two extra cards for the king soaring flush. Williamson confirmed two aces amid two unsystematic cards for the group of aces. He would require the panel to pair to come first, but alas, the river dropped the 8♠ furthermore Williamson was abolished. Mercier lifts to 340,000 chips by his triumph.

Doyle Brunson is the next competitor gets rid of when mutually him and Erik Friberg flopped a three of a kind. Brunson had flopped three of a kind of nines and Friberg a three of a kind of tens. All the cash set foot in on the fourth street moreover Brunson was not capable to grasp the fourth nine. Brunson will need to come first the Main Event toward his 11th bracelet.

In a while following the initial break time, Andy Bloch was drained next to Erik Friberg. Bloch had dealt two pair and the gut-show straight drawing hand. Friberg had an improved gut-show straight drawing hand and the pair of queens. The fourth card get better Bloch’s two pair, however the river finished Friberg’s straight plus Bloch was outside the door.

Erik Seidel was got rid of in 25th position next to Theo Jorgensen. Seidel hold aces and Jorgensen by several partially organized straight hands. Regrettably in favor of Seidel, Jorgensen dealt two pair furthermore Seidel not at all advanced his aces. Bruno Fitoussi is the subsequent competitor to collapse headed for the dinner break time. He progressed drained among aces on the jack great flop however Tomi Nyback had dealt two pair. The two couple was high-quality and Fitoussi obtained an extensive dinner break time.

Just 18 competitors would bring in from this competition. It was not stretched earlier than we would arrive at 19 competitors and the last finishing position period began. PLO is typically a pastime where the finishing position stage is not that prolonged because the drawing possible of many hands. It does persuade a small piece of betting. The bubble stage did not even last ten minutes for this competition like Alex Kravchenko was drained pre-flop next to Ilkka Koskien. Kravchenko hold A♥-A♦-9♣-10♦. Koskien hold A♠-A♣-2♣-10♣. These cards had come apart written ended it. That is awaiting the flop anyhow. The flop dropped Q♣-Q♦-7♣ to grant Koskien the flush draw. The turn dropped the 7♥. This pot possibly a chop if not a club dropped, and certainly a club do fall on a river. The 8♣ dropped moreover Kravchenko was by this competition’s bubble boy.

Abolition then turns out to be fast and fuming. Jolyne Thompson progressed drained with her small load holding J♠-J♣-2♣-9♥. Allen Cunningham created the call with cards K♦-7♠-6♥-4♠. Cunningham would obtain the lead among tours when the deal dropped 7♦-3♦-7♥. Thompson would want a jack just to stay alive, but the jack didn’t come across the turn or a river. Jolyne Thompson is our 18th position finisher taking £14,438.

Stephen Kjaerstad is the next toward collapse. Kjaerstad raised pre-flop moreover was called with Theo Jorgensen. On a deal of 5♠-6♠-J♦, Kjaerstad gamble out of 21,500 and Jorgesen preserved. Kjaerstad called then was worn-out. Jorgensen hold 4♠-3♦-3♠-4c and Kjaerstad hold 7♦-A♠-8♦-A♦. The Q♠ dropped on the fourth street, proving Jorgensen the flush in addition to eliminating Kjaerstad in 17th position.

After 15 minutes, Theo Jorgensen got raised up to 11,000 along with Allen Cunnigham raised the pot to 39,000. Then Jorgensen called. On a deal of 10♠-4♥-4♠, Jorgensen locate Cunningham drained holding 9♥-4♣-Q♥-10♣ for full of fours and Cunningham holds A♠-A♥-Q♦-2♦. An ace didn’t drop on a turn or on a river, furthermore Allen Cunningham turns out to be our 16th position finisher.

Chris Bjorin goes after Cunningham outside the door almost immediately following while he was drained next to Joe Beevers. Bjorin holds Aces at a river however Beever was holding on nines full. Bjorin got 16th position finisher taking £16,500. Justin Smith goes out the door when Tomi Nyback dealt a nut flush. Smith did not contain some redraws and departed in 14th position, also winning £16,500.

Padraig Parkinson also got rid of next. He had dealt the straight draw, however his adversary Jason Mercier trapped in succession aces to create tours and Parkinson was our 13th position finisher. Joe Beevers was eliminated after that when his A♠-5♠-K♣-8♣ strike on the A♥-K♠-J♥-10♦ of Jason Mercier. Beever showed a couple of fives at the 5♦-Q♠-6♦ board, but a 9♦ provided Mercier the straight draw. He finished a straight draw by the 8♥ on a river then Beevers turned out to be the 12th position finisher, taking £18,562.

Neil Channing also eliminated next in 11th position after his pair plus straight 5 card draw could not bet Tomi Nyback’s two pair. Ilkka Koskinen next was our last eradication for today. He was drained on a round of 8♥-7♥-3♦-J♣ next to Theo Jorgensen. Koskinen holds A♣-J♥-10♥-9♦ for his straight and the gut-shot draw a straight flush. Jorgensen holds J♠-9♠-9♣-8♣ for jacks as well as eights. The river dropped the J♦, which provided Jorgensen the full house the formulate Koskinen our ultimate board bubble boy.

These our finishing nine appears this:

Fist Seat:  Erik Friberg with 189,000
Second Seat: David Penly with 162,000
Third Seat:  Jason Mercier with 650,000
Fourth Seat:  Sorel Mizzi with 290,000
Fifth Seat:  Tomi Nyback with 434,000
Sixth Seat:  Theo Jorgensen with 897,000
Seventh Seat:  Max Pescatori with 126,000
Eighth Seat:  Eric Dalby with 277,000
Ninth Seat:  Chris Ferguson with 282,000

Theo Jorgensen completed a late come to get a chip lead as of Jason Mercier. In general, this would be the one of a stronger final table of World Series of Poker with more than a few celebrities and a few of bracelet champions in the blend. The final table again will kick off at 4 p.m. London era this Friday.

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No Limit Holdem Poker Tips for Beginners

22 Oct , 2008 - Posted by Dan in Texas Holdem

It all started in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker won the main poker event of the widely televised World Series of Poker. Poker players and fanatics all over the world saw that the game was no longer just something you do to pass time. It had become a promising career to those who were willing to take that chance. Since then, poker has become part of pop culture. Poker sites are now everywhere in the web and sports stations now feature the Poker. So if you are one of the many players who dream of one day making it big, here are a few basic things you need to learn.

Hand Rankings

Most poker games are dependent on making the best five-card hands. The first thing you need to know is which hand beat which. A royal flush is top of the game. This consists of an ace, a king, a queen, a jack, and a ten of the same suit. If you hit a royal flush then you can start taking it easy and just try to make the most money out of your opponents. Next to the royal flush is the straight flush, which is five suited cards in a row. An example is a hand of three, four, five, six, and seven hearts. Next is the quads – meaning four of a kind. This is a great hand that will almost always win you the pot. Next to it is a full house. This is when you have three of a king and two of a kind in your hand. The next best hand is a flush. This is when you have five cards all of the same suit. If you’re going against someone who also has a flush, then the one with the highest flush wins. An ace high flush will beat a king high flush. Straights mean you have five cards in a row. Aces can go either high or low in straights.

There is also a three of a kind. This can be a good hand but you should watch out for straight and flush cards. If you have a couple of aces and a pair of kings, then you have two pairs. Any two pairs can lose to a number of hands. You need to be careful with this one. The highest pair is the best such as aces and deuces because they would beat kings and queens. Having a pair is common and may win you pots every now and then. You can also win a pot with a high card. If no other player has a pair, the highest card will win.

Game Structures

The first structure you need to understand is something called blinds. This is a forced bet that is done before each hand starts. The small blind goes to the person to the immediate left of the dealer and the big blind to the one sitting to the left of the small blind. This ensures that there is a pot for every hand dealt.

The game is quite simple, actually. Each Online Poker player is dealt two cards face down at the start of the game. After you get your hole cards, a round of betting happens. This is when you can call the big blind, raise, or fold. After this round of betting is over, three community cards are placed face up on the board. This is called the flop, after which another round of betting ensues. A fourth card is turned up. This is called the turn or fourth street. Betting begins again. When that is done, a fifth community card is turned up. This one is called the river or fifth street, which is then followed by the final round of bets. When the betting is over, you turn up your hole cards and a winner is declared. On any of the streets, you can raise, fold, check, or go all in.

Basic Strategy

This is purely a game of strategy more than anything else and it has a few easy principles. Pocket pairs (or a pair in your hole cards) is a good starting hand. The best starting hand is pocket aces and the worst is a seven-two off suit. This is the worst because it will not be easy for you to come up with a hand using them. The dealer acts last on every street and is considered the best position at the table. This allows you to make a decision based on those of your opponents. If you are the dealer, feel free to play weaker hands because you can easily bluff from this position.

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