Holdem Poker’s Limp Reraise

Posted by Dan in Texas Holdem on October 16, 2008

A limp reraise is a type of move in Texas Hold’em Poker. It is best used when your opponents have been doing a lot or raising and tries to steal your blinds.

Shana Hiatt

Shana Hiatt

A lot of players do like using this tactic, most especially on sit-n-go tournaments of Poker. For those tight poker players where aggressive players would always try to steal your blinds whenever given an opportunity, this type of tactic would be very helpful.

Following is a good example where the limp reraise tactic was put into good use. At a table, one player (let us call him player 1), raised a lot during the early part of the play. Player 1 took a pot off player 2 giving him a semi bluff which eventually hit on the river. Being in an early position, player 2 is looking down on a pocket of kings. Player 2 could sense that player 1 badly wanted to raise. Player 2 limped into the pot while player 1 is on the button. Another player, player 3, who is in a late position, raised the pot. Suddenly, player 1 reraised the pot and then player 2 moved all in.

Each and every Poker player on the table gave player 2 a stunned look. The player who initially raised mucked his hands saying “nice limp”. Player 3 on the other hand, gave player 2 a set and eventually flipped over the pocket tens and all he had to do was shake his head in dismay. All the players agreed that it was indeed a good move.

The example was based on a true scene during a play. Players should not discount the fact that there would be downsides to this kind of play. You’ll never know what moves the other players would do and what might happen next.

The limp reraise is not to be considered as a regular play. It is just a move, a tactic wherein some situations might call for. Nevertheless, players should understand that the case would not always be the same as the abovementioned example. The limp reraise, when used and executed the right way and at the perfect timing, it would assure to accomplish two things for the player who executed it. First and foremost, the player would most possibly win chips and second, the Poker player would eventually put all the other players in a state of confusion. All the other players would think that you are of course in your best capacity to limp in with monsters. More so, they would also be afraid to make the raise if they are holding on to strong hands.

As a piece of advice, this move is most recommended when you are in Poker Games which are very aggressive. Never use this tactic during rocky games because it would usually make you look like a poor and pitiful player and eventually you would end up loosing all your money. Always try mixing up your play because it might cause you to earn dividends. See you at the tables and may you always win.

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